Wag Intellectual Finger At Anti-Gay Clergy

West, Rhue Give Lesson in Gay Respect

Now that he’s taken on homophobia in hip-hop, Princeton professor Cornel West’s turning his supreme intellect to anti-gay Christians.

In a piece over at Boston Globe, West and Sylvia Rhue chastise clergy who fight hate crime legislation. They write:

The truth is that the Matthew Shepard Act protects all First Amendment rights. And, although that is a given, this bill goes out of its way to protect the free speech of ministers. Those pastors who wish to continue condemning and dehumanizing the gay community will be free to do so.

These preachers don’t care to hear the thousands of stories of lives and communities scarred by antigay violence… The efforts of antigay preachers and their supporters is not the way to create the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a “Beloved Community” – where we all strive to treat each other with respect and compassion.

You know James Dobson, Harry Jackson, Matt Barber and other homophobes are scratching their heads saying, “respect? That Cornel West sure does use big words!”