West Virginia Teacher Suspended For Mocking His School’s Gay/Straight Alliance

1896934_10152258678679185_1094060313_n-1On the heels of posting this supremely stupid facebook message mocking his school’s gay/straight alliance, science teacher David Foggin has been suspended for four days.

The school board has yet to determine whether the time off will be paid or unpaid. We’re hoping the latter. What we’re really hoping for is a sudden career change.

Foggin took to his PR medium of choice — Facebook — to share his feelings on his current situation, posting:

“I love everyone and I promote fairness and equality. I have difficulty with favoritism and bias given any person or group.”

Call us old fashioned, but doesn’t a gay/straight alliance by definition promote fairness and equality?

But David’s next inspirational post is the real kicker:

“Love you all. Get a concealed carry permit while u still can. Protect urself and ur(sic) family. Thank God for every breath he give u!!(sic)”

Aaaaand we’re out.

While it’s clear why David isn’t teaching English, we have to wonder about those science classes. “The earth was created 6,000 years ago for men to stuff handguns down their pants.”

And for any gay student at Parkersburg South High who’s forced to come back from spring break to this sad excuse of an educator, our hearts are with you.