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Westboro Baptist Church Adds ‘Fag Hag’ Liz Taylor’s Funeral To Spring Tour
@SpokesmanReview sees too late for No RIP Elizabeth Taylor & tells #Westboro will picket adulterous fag
hag funeral
Yay!less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Referring to AIDS advocate and screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor as a “fag hag,” Fred Phelps’ daughter Margie is going to get The Gays all riled up by announcing a picket of the actress’ funeral. The announcement was followed by the retweeting of any media outlet carrying of the planned protest. You think god hates fags? No, god hates fag hags.

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  • Scott Bonzitski

    These uncivil animals are lost in life and irrelevant in todays culture. All they know is hate. It is sad they try so hard to get attention. Must hurt so much to act this way just for it. Ignore them…SB

  • Charlie

    So… when Fred Phelps finally dies (any minute now?) who else is excited for the Babylonian circus orgy that will be his funeral protest?

    If they step near Liz’s funeral… use any force necessary y’all; she was a classy lady and doesn’t need this.

  • Chupa Chups

    Crazy monkeys)))))))

  • Steve

    God hates the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • Red Meat

    @Charlie: I hope every gay person in the U.S shows up to that party with the most outrageous, most gayest outfits the world has ever seen.

  • DJ

    Ya know, I really wouldn’t be surprised if they got killed at this thing. They are picketing the funeral of an inspiration to many people. And you know she has at least one crazy fan that would kill for her. We can only hope…

  • Jack

    Please please please let there be an angry, violent mob of Liz fans!

  • PopSnap

    If Westboro Baptist Church shows up at MY funeral, I will be honored. It would mean that I’d accomplished something extremely monumental in life that positively affected many other people.

  • Tommy

    Why don’t they picket The Silver Star Saloon in Tulsa instead? Oh wait, cause that’s where all their son’s hang out.

  • sam

    They’re not even coherent anymore >_O

  • B

    They are not going to picket her funeral unless they violate the laws of physics and travel backwards in time.

    According to Elizabeth Talyor has already been buried. She converted to Judaism before marrying Eddie Fisher in 1959 and the custom is burial within 48 hours. (The article appeared at 4:17 PDT, after QUEERTY’s article was released, so it contains information QUEERTY wouldn’t have known at the time.)

    The didn’t react fast enough, so Elizabeth Taylor effectively made fools of them (after she died, which is no small feat – the best argument to date for a “God in Heaven”).

  • B

    Re No 11:

    The phrase “The didn’t” was types as “The <unmentionables>” and QUEERTY’s software assumed that the text between “<” and “&gt” was an HTML tag and thus didn’t show it.

  • B

    Re No 11:

    The phrase “The didn’t” was typed as “The <unmentionables>” and QUEERTY’s software assumed that the text between “<” and “&gt” was an HTML tag and thus didn’t show it.

  • Armand

    I consider Westboro Baptist Church actions distasteful. However, they have every right to protest or do their mariachi number as provided by the Constitution.

    Now how about some good ‘ole lemonade everyone? I spiked it with vodka (from mother Russia, tastes very commie!)

  • Greg McGill

    I read a few more tweets by MargieJPhelps who said something like “enjoy day two in hell” to elizabeth. someone needs to tell them that, if there is a hell, they are the ones who will be going there, for all the hateful things they’ve done and said. I’m comforted by the fact that, the more the political and social environments change, the more crazy groups like them will look, stuck in the past and giving religion a bad name.

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