Hell Raiser

Westboro Baptist Church Endorses the Anti-Christ but Gay Marriage Will Bring Down a Second Noah’s Flood

Timothy Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church, the masterminds behind “God Hates Fags” and “God Hates Lady Gaga” and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”—and son of WBC founder Fred Phelps—took time out of his picketing routine (currently, he’s en route to Joe Paterno’s funeral) to talk to the Huffington Post‘s Reggie Cameron about politics and gay sex.

Here are some highlights:

On political candidates:

These people claim to be Christian, New Gingrich and Mitt Romney and some of them others. They aren’t pure followers of Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t trust [any] of them with a handful of change to go get me some bubble gum. There’s nothing of any value in [any] of those human beings. I would rather have Obama… [whom the Westboro Church has referred to as the Anti-Christ].

On gay marriage:

In the days of Noah they were accepting and giving of marriage. It was the acceptance of homosexual marriage that triggered the Flood. They didn’t use that term, but that is the concept. Men marrying men. Women marrying women. Humans marrying animals. How far do you think we are from that in this generation?

On sodomy:

I don’t care if you’re kissing or having anal sex or any other thing you do. It’s what’s in your heart that matters.

When asked then whether it was okay for him to commit sodomy with his wife but not for men to do the same with other men, Phelps responded, “rhetorically, yes.”

Source: Huffington Post Gay Voices

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  • Mike UK

    what a fucking nut job!

    with the amount of rain we get in the UK I think Noah should have his ark on permanent standby!

  • Chad

    Ok, first off what’s up with Shirley? I have not seen that vile face in a while. Second I don’t think ANY church should be talking (good or bad) about politicians.

  • Triple S

    Any American who sees this; you have my condolences. America is rampant with these crazies. I’m sure that there are others all around the Western World, but you usually don’t hear much from them by comparison to anything American.

  • Mike UK

    @Triple S: I’d just let the mental cases get on with it, at least when they’re in full view you know what they’re up to, it’s when they’re encased in compounds, that’s when you have to start worrying what they are planning!

    There’s been two documentaries about them on the BBC, they just came across as complete head cases, after they saw the first doc two of their daughters left the family and to their mother it’s like they never existed!

  • Caliban

    Batshit crazy as they are, I have more respect for the Phelps family than I do any of the Republican Presidential contenders or the heads of (marginally) more mainstream groups like Focus On The Family, American Family Association, etc. At least the Phelps will tell you flat-out they hate gays while those other people and groups will look you straight in the eye and say, “Gosh, I don’t hate gay people! I love everybody!” while they’re working to limit your rights, take away the rights you do have, and put the sodomy laws back on the books. “But I don’t HATE them!” Bullshit.

    At least the Phelps are honest and you know where you stand.

  • Granster

    STOP GIVING THESE PIGS PRESS! Ignore the little piss ants. You only encourage them by giving them attention.

  • Triple S

    @Mike UK: I guess…It’s so effing annoying seeing these people do the things they do and hear the things they say. Incredibly insulting as well.

    But I see your point; let them appear like they’re clinically insane. My issue about it though, is that I don’t want others, especially children to look at what they do and think to themselves that that’s the way to go.


    Hey fellow gays, someone should organize a picketing protest at the Westboro church and have signs that read “God hates hate”, “God loves gays”, “Rainbow people rule” “God doesn’t discriminate- he LOVES everyone” I feel sorry for the Westboro church cuz they need all the love thay can get. If their hearts were filled w/ love then they wouldn’t be spewing hate filled nonsensical garbage from their mouths.

  • declanto

    @TASTEY GOODIES: Get fucking real, Mary .You have to be at least half-as batshit as these H8ters to even use the word “love” in the same sentence with their name. Are you really sure about that “fellow gays”?

  • Triple S

    @TASTEY GOODIES: I agree; the circumstances of them being indoctrinated into thinking that being gay is just the devil incarnate would be seriously depressing. I once knew this guy who was the hugest bible-basher, he edited movies for his family so that there was no swearing (fucking crazy if you ask me), he never talked about girls (I assume he is straight) and was very against gayness. I dropped out of contact with him before I came out, so I didn’t have to deal with posting Christian shit or trying to tell me to pray to God.

    What I’m saying is that it’s very disconcerting to think about what situation their childhood was.
    Heh, “Hey, fellow gays”; that’s got a kind of charm to it. ;)

  • Triple S

    @declanto: Well, yes. It is a lot to hope for with the psychos changing, but it’s nice to think about it. What’s the harm in hoping for the best.

  • Mike UK

    @declanto: totally agree!

    @TASTEY GOODIES: you’ll never change these “people”, they are brainwashed from a very young age into believing everything that spews out of their mouths. If you can you should see if you can find the two documentaries made for the BBC by a guy called Louis Theroux, they will certainly open your eyes! they are called “The most hated family in America” and the second one is called “Americas most hated family in Crisis”

  • declanto

    @Triple S: What’s the harm??? LOL, Pick up a rattlesnake and hope it won’t bite and kill your hopeful ass. Being gay doesn’t mean you have to bea total pussy. Fight Back!

  • Triple S

    @declanto: I’m only looking on the positive side. On the other hand, which I have not explored, says that these people are indeed complete psychos. I’m not a pussy. Far from it. I wouldn’t, you know, beat someone up, but I wouldn’t go all hippie and try to “connect” with these people. I wholeheartedly am disgusted by their beliefs, believe me. I just don’t want to fill the air with saying how stupid and wrong they are.
    I’m kind of rambling here, but all I’m saying…oh, to hell with it.

    I take it back. There is no point in hoping for the best for these people. I admit defeat.

  • Charles

    These people get their money by attracting attention to themselves. How is this done? Well the Phelps family is made up of lawyers. They strategically go to a place that they feel can generate for them reactionary anger. When the anger against them is enough to cause a reaction, they sue the f**ing piss out of those that appose them. Plain and simple. The solution is not to react. Non reaction is the very best tool to use against them. No reaction, no lawsuits. No money. In this their singular horse and pony show is over

  • Riker

    I really feel bad for their children. From birth, they are taught that the only way to salvation is through Fred Phelps. He personally communicates with God, and blind obedience to him is the only way to avoid hellfire. They don’t have access to scholarly interpretations of the Bible, or other Churches, or secular literature. If they don’t comply with what Fred tells them, they are severely beaten with a wood paddle.

  • Fitz

    The good news is that this is an area where middle America is with us. Everyone agrees that these people are nut jobs.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Fitz: Bullshit. They’re only against him because it brings the light the fact that they believe the exact same things.

    Christianity must be stopped by any means necessary.

  • B

    No. 3 · Triple S “Any American who sees this; you have my condolences. America is rampant with these crazies.” …. there aren’t that many on a percentage basis – it just reflects a population of about 300,000,000 plus the tendency of American media to give these nuts an inordinate amount of attention – anything that will wake up viewers so they’ll notice the all-to-frequent ads.

  • CBRad

    @Triple S: Nobody would hear of this miniscule group if the gay press didn’t report their every move. But, the gay press just loves (and needs) them.

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