Westboro Responds To “Lemonade For Peace,” Calls 5-Year-Old Girl A “Fag Enabler”

lemforpeace-360x360The Westboro Baptist Church has responded to the adorable five-year-old girl that raised thousands of dollars at a lemonade stand across the street from their Topeka, Kansas outpost this weekend. Unfortunately, WBC opted for a tall glass of haterade over her lemonade, and labeled her a “fag enabler” in gigantic letters on their marquee.

After learning of the WBC’s hateful anti-gay message, Jayden Sink set up shop at the Equality House across the street. The house, purchased and painted as a giant rainbow by anti-poverty group Planting Peace, stands in colorful opposition to the church.

With little more than a bright sign and a folding table, Sink sold “pink lemonade for peace” for $1 each, and raised over $400 before the end of the day despite being verbally harassed by WBC all afternoon.

On Monday, the church updated their marquee to read: “FAGS & ENABLERS ALL BURN IN HELL LEMONADE WON’T COOL ANY TONGUES.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 4.04.27 PM

Planting Peace Director of Operations, Davis Hammet, told HuffPo he’s not surprised by the message. According to him, that same marquee bore a message thanking God for killing children in the Oklahoma tornado just weeks ago.

“We don’t hate the Westboro Baptist members, we pity them,” he said. “We see their hateful signs every day and they remind us how important it is to take a stand for equality and justice. The nasty things they say come from a very dark place. We truly pity them and are thrilled that many members are finding their way out of this hate group.”

Since the weekend, Jayden Sink’s message has gone viral and raised over $16,000 for Planting Peace.