Westboro Baptist Church Trolled By Clever Pokemon Go Player


Did you spend this weekend out wandering your neighborhood, flicking your finger at Pokemon and tapping your screen? Everyone seems to be playing Pokemon Go right now — though it remains to be seen whether the app, which basically just consists of collecting stickers — remains interesting for more than a few days.

But in the few moments before it fades into faddish obscurity, a few fun headlines have popped up in our feed. There was the woman who stumbled across a dead body while searching for Pokemon. There was the guy whose house was designated a gym, resulting in visitors at all hours. And there was the fun, silly case of the Clefairy that invaded the Westboro Baptist Church.

Apparently, for some reason, the WBC was listed as a gym in the app. (A lot of churches have been flagged for gyms, so it might’ve just been some weird automatic thing, rather than anything deliberate.)

Some user noticed that, and headed over to “claim” the landmark in the database. Appropriately, they used a Clefairy named Loveislove to do so. Outstanding.

The Westboro Baptist Church, as you might’ve heard, is a deeply irritating tiny little cult of weirdos. They are important only because we have all decided that they are. Fortunately, there is an easy way to render them completely irrelevant: stop talking about them. Talk about anything else instead. For example, talk about how Clefairy is generally very shy, and lives on a mountain. Usually it can be seen at night, dancing under full moons, and can be evolved into a Clefable when exposed to a Moon Stone.

The WBC, in contrast, is not capable of evolving.

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