Westboro Baptist Church Very Kindly Offers to Help Stage Gay Play

It’s a battle of the performing arts! On one side is the writer of “The Bus,” a play about two boys who pursue a forbidden relationship by meeting late at night in a church bus. On the other side: The Westboro Baptist Church, a troupe of folk performance artists.

James Lantz’s play gets its Off-Broadway launch in October, but they’ve got even bigger aspirations: Topeka! Lantz is spearheading a Kickstarter campaign to bring the show to the home of the Westboro Baptist Church. They’ll use the ensuing brou-ha-ha as an opportunity to stand against some truly awful people, just as Lisa Lampinelli did recently.

Now, obviously, these two groups are steadfastly opposed to each other. But they share a common goal: publicity. And to that end, the WBC has actually offered to help bring the play to Kansas.

“We have read of your plans,” they wrote in an email to Lantz. “We look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor. Let us know if we can help here in Topeka.” Well, you can start by chipping in on Kickstarter! Then get to work painting some flats.

Meanwhile, there’s another performance with aspirations to travel: Queering the Pitch is a project of gay cellist Justin Dougherty in which he’ll travel the country, performing music composed by LGBTs.

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  • RoRo

    Hmmmm, I find it hard to believe that the actual WBC could be supportive – they must have their own agenda…

  • notreallyhere247

    @RoRo: I was thinking the same thing. Sounds like a trap.

  • WewaBoi

    Guys, WBC is nothing but a money machine (like NOM, AFA, and FRC). Of course they would want to help these people get the thing to Kansas so they don’t have to front the money for travel. All they really do is piss people off to the point of having their rights violated and then they sue. And they win. Look at the funeral protest case… How much money did THAT little fiasco earn for them in legal fees?

  • TMikel

    This has to be a joke! No one in his or her right might would trust the WBC!

  • Amber LeMay

    Guys – Many times you’ve wanted to confront the Phelps Phamily – and now you can… please donate what you can to this cause. It really is a great play with a great message.

  • Patrick Confeno

    WBC should support both of these projects. Worthwhile all around! Give some of that disposable homosexual income to both groups!

  • rheaseo25

    The thing that I like about this comedian is that she is not afraid to buy an audience.

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