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Westboro Baptist Falling Behind On Promised Laramie Project Protests

Once again the Westboro Baptist Church’s threats of a protest — over Buffalo Grove High School student production of The Laramie Project — end with a no-show by the Kansas-based circus, leaving these Chicago-area high schoolers waving signs around for nobody but reporters’ cameras.

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  • Gary B.

    Man, what a disappointment that the hate-filled bigots didn’t show up with their assinine signs. They have a lot of splainin’ to do!

  • gollygeegaygoy

    They were probably too busy beating their kids, before sending them to bed with a story about hell.

  • Mac McNeill

    Westboro Baptist Church is a fake just like the memebers. It’s a toliet church since he thought of it sitting on the toliet.

  • Apple

    WBC=we beat children.. as that is what the church dose to their own kids they beat and mentality abuse them for the sick and twisted purposes of Phelps and his ill minded crock of offspring.

  • B

    They don’t have to show up every time, just enough so that there will be newspaper articles stating that they intend to show up and describing the group. If they never show, the media would not bother, so they only have to show up often enough to keep the media coverage. If you can get the PR without traveling that helps the bottom line.

  • Jack

    They’re not even a church, they’re an attention seeking whore. Their goal is to cause controversy and by default be well known. If you ignore them, they’ll go away.

  • Steve

    WBC is a hate group, not really a church. Fred Phelps is a bully who uses his twisted interpretation of the Bible to harm others.

    According to the anti-defamation league, a primary goal of the WBC is to garner publicity and to spread their message through tactics that grab media attention.

    Phelps uses the publicity and media attention to generate donations. He used the donations to support his household, and to travel with his family to “protest” at various vacation destinations. Seems like a lucrative scam to me.


  • Steven Eller

    It’s because they’re busy in court right now.

  • Justin

    Our very own WBC GetEQUAL is having troubles, too. It’s the economy.


    The fact that these inbred savage band of scumbags gets publicity everytime they open their vile mouths makes me sick. These pieces of shit with arms,legs, and a head stuck into it are beyond sick. They have been waging a war for years attempting to errect a statue of “Matthew Shepard in hell” in Matt’s parents home town. The town officials have used every method to derail their plans. But these scumbags are a clever as they are sick. As each one of their mutant inbred offspring become of age they all go to law school. Giving them an unlimited source of legal manuvers at no cost, which would bankrupt most other groups.

    The fact that they have zero sympathy for the family of Matt Sheppard shows just how reprehensive they are. The most gut wrenching tear your heart out story I ever read was an interview with the nurse in the ER who tended to Matt when he was brought in barely clinging to life after being crucified on that fence. She said his entire face was caked with dried blood, mud, and dirt. The only flesh visiable was from the trail of tears that ran down his face…………………..

  • Gary B.

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Dude, I LOVE that they get all the publicity they get.

    Think about it – they are so extreme and so over the top that as far as I’m concerned, every time they open their mouths, they move whatever cause they’re fighting against ahead. They make all bigots and hateful people look incredibly stupid by taking it to such a level of ridiculousness.

    Honestly, I think it’s great that they get all this press. They inadvertently hurt themselves every time by showing how vile hate truly is.


    @Gary B.: For a lot of groups I would 100% co-sign your post. These scumbags have gone so far off the charts that even the KKK has renounced them and denied ties to them. Hardly any group wishes to be associated with them. They basicaly exist simply for their own twisted self gratification by recieving publicity for themselves and tossing hurt on grieving famlies. They do not gain anything nor do their anti-Gay tirades have any real influence from their protests, because they are beyond the realm of influencing anyone, because no one will accept their support. It is time to simply ignore them, at which point hopefullly they will crawl back under the vile rocks they slithered out from under……….

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