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    These vile, inbred subhuman scumbags have been terrorizing the Sheppard family since Matt was murdered. For years they have been waging a war to errect a “Matt Sheppard in hell” statue in the Sheppard family’s home town. Almost every one of these scumbags are lawyers, so they can file motion after motion without having to be concerned with legal fees……….

    Their tires got slashed at a recent protest and none of the local mechanics would assist them………One of these days a family member who is tortured by these scumbags at a funeral is going to snap and take them all out……..I would relish the opportunity to piss on all their graves….

  • Trelin

    Why can’t they leave Elizabeth Edwards alone??

  • Comixbear

    The nausea that enters my stomache at the thought of these scumbags knows no bounds.

  • RomanHans

    Actually, since the entire world hates them, they’re a pretty powerful force for tolerance.

  • Soupy

    These people are psychotic.

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