Soldier Funeral Protest Lawsuit Gets Green Light, With Some Subtractions

Westboro Baptists Headed To Court

Wacky homo-hating Westboro Baptists may face some earthly justice.

The Fred Phelps founded congregation has been smacked with a lawsuit stemming from a 2006 military funeral protest. Though a Kansas judge tossed the defamation aspect of the suit filed by Arnold Snyder, whose son died in Iraq, Westboro may be found guilty of “intentional inflict of emotional distress” and invasion of privacy.

One of the dismissed defamation suits involved whether or not calling someone gay can be called defamatory. The judge ruled that it wasn’t, nor are some of the zealous group’s other statements:

Comments posted on the church’s Web site that Snyder raised his son “for the devil” and taught his son how to “defy his Creator, to divorce and to commit adultery” did not defame the father because it was “not the kind of information that a reasonable person is going to assume was presented to be considered fact.”

Ain’t that the truth.

The judge reportedly got irked by Shirley Phelps Roper, whose self-defense invoked the Bible as testimony. The judge described the fallen soldier as “courageous” and will instruct the jury to decide whether the Baptists were protesting the war, “celebrating the death of a soldier” or just being party poopers. We think they’re just awful people who supplement their extreme social retardation with hateful attitudes and bad hair.