Westboro Baptists To Protest Heath Ledger’s Funeral

And we thought the cretinous, vulturous paparazzi were bad!

Fred Phelps and his brood of Westboro Baptist bigots have announced plans to picket at late actor Heath Ledger’s funeral. Why? Because his role in Brokeback Mountain made him a fag enabler, of course!

Heath Ledger thought it was great fun defying God Almighty and his plain word; to wit: God Hates Fags! & Fag Enablers! Ergo, God hates the sordid tacky, bucket of slime seasoned with vomit known as ‘Brokeback Mountain’ – and He hates all persons having anything whatsoever to do with it.

Heath Ledger is now in Hell, and has begun serving his eternal sentence there – beside which, nothing else about Heath Ledger is relevant or consequential.

Christ almighty these people are insane!

We wonder whether Phelps and company will be traveling to Ledger’s homeland of Australia for the funeral. If, in fact, that’s where he’ll be laid to rest. Regardless, these people are vile, disgusting and, most of all, press whores.


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  • BillieXX

    Does this surprise anyone?

  • emb

    Back on January 15, you posted a story about Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Phags for Phelps. So it’s all cute and snarky fun to carry on conversations with Phelps offspring and to claim that the Phelpses’ activities somehow strengthen GLBT causes, but could he please stop now? These people are crazy, evil, and have no souls. They are in no way amusing, and their “opinions” (rants) shouldn’t be given any forum.

    Sheesh, Qweerty–way to poo all over my morning, what with CWA and the Phelpses back to back. Thanks a lot.

  • todd

    Weren’t the Phelps Klan extras in 30 Days of Night?

  • jeremy

    Yeah, drop the WBC stories. THey really don’t deserve any sort of outlet.

  • D

    This absolutely disgusts me.

    rip Heath.

  • dvlaries

    How are you supposed to believe in any God when Heath is gone at 28 and a vile waste of human skin like Phelps refuses to drop?

  • vdeca

    Disgusting! Hatred and bigotry are holy acts? I hope the waste of sperm drops dead right outside that funeral so the mourners can spit on him

  • Vince

    Let them go “Down Under” and watch them get their asses kicked. I don’t think the Aussies would let those people protest without a good beating. Note to the Phelps family… You’re not in Kansas anymore.

  • Colleen

    Is this serious? How could anyone possibly read that flier and think that protesting his funeral was acceptable? I truly cannot understand neither he nor his followers or anybody who can spread such hate

  • rayrayj

    I agree with Vince. Ship their hatemongering asses to Australia and let the Aussies kick those asses.

  • Ruthie Patterson

    I came across this article on one of the movie sites I use. I’m so tired of hearing this crap from supposed “Christians”.
    My response is:

    Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble.
    -1 Peter 3:8

  • alysia

    The sad thing is right after my mother told me he had died, I thought they’d try something like this. Then I check the internet, and it’s true. :0(

  • Grace

    They’re scum. They attack families and friends at the worst time possible. Talk about vindictive bullying.

  • fabianlander

    him is a charming man,i meet many masculine/sexy gayman on gaysinglehunt.com. where we debate the thing that attract us

  • hells kitchen guy

    MORE PHELPS! MORE PHELPS COVERAGE! I love them -they’re our greaest allies!!!!

  • Bob R

    fabianlander, please eat shit and die.

  • alan brickman

    its true about the phelps…they need more exposure on the mainstream media by protesting to show how sad they really are…sorry heath if they really do this to you…but it would get people asking who the fuck are they?…..and how sad homophobia really is…

  • todd

    They are protesting in Austraila? That makes me smile – these stupid hicks will get their asses kicked into tomorrow and they will never get on the plane back to hill billy Kansas without a few bruises.

  • J

    Wow, please don’t belittle my home state like that. That moron’s church has about 20 people in it, and they are all related to him. The people of Topeka, KS and the surrounding area are all working together to stop his deplorable activities. The University of Kansas has the highest percentage of gay students in the nation. So don’t show your ignorance by calling us all hill billy’s just because we have twenty idiots who live there ass!

  • Ken

    J, very good point. But you’d make it better if you didn’t respond with abuse.

    But as I say, I agree with your point.

  • Lauren

    This is so ridiculous. Wake up call: it’s fucking 2008. Stop taking the bible word for word.

  • S

    Oh no, no, no. Fred Phelps ain’t coming here.

  • jalen

    I fucking dare them to protest in Australia.

    I hope the Australia government will deny their entries, and if they do end up getting in, they better be careful because I don’t think the Aussies will like them too much

  • dan

    I am just as much of a catholic as the next guy but we dont even know if this was suicide yet and its time that people realize that commiting suicide is not a sin it is the final act of an extremely desperate and disturbed person. we should not shun them but if anything we should feel more sorry for them than other people

  • dan

    oh ya, and let people have sex with whoever the hell they want to honestly!

  • Pearl

    I’m from Australia(the other side of the continent to where Mr Ledger was from, but I digress.

    I’m fairly sure that Prime Minister Rudd and the WA State Gov’t will be hatching a contingency plan as we speak.

    There might still be protests, given

    a)the PM’s placating of Christian extremists(sending video messages to their gatherings etc)

    b)our freedom of speech laws

    In that case, There Will Be A-R-S-E Kicking.
    That’s how we spell it, and that’s how we roll!

  • Pearl


    We have our fair share of true-blue religious crazies, so we may not need to import any!

  • Mikey

    I’m not convinced that this is genuine – if it is, they were extremely quick with it, I saw the first example within 12 hours of the Heath Ledger story breaking.

    Chances are you’re looking at one Internet Comedian who thinks that he’s being satirical when in fact he’s being a dick.

    Unless, of course, you or your source has spoken to these God-fans, in which case yes they are all mad and we should feed them to the fricken lions

  • Lindsay Day

    Damn Fucking straight if these red neck imbred nutters step one foot on our Australian soil to protest Heath Ledgers funeral there will be one huge ass kicking… this crazy ass whore Shirley Phelps (wife of fred), who mind you has popped out 11 more fucking disease ridden hillbillys, was rantin and ravin on our Australian radio this afternoon, her ‘preaching’ slash ‘absolute bullshit!’ has scored her, her husband and their followers, millions upon millions of enemies here in Australia… i look foward to the day i meet these sick fucks and knock some fuckin sense into their narrow minds. They shouldnt be protesting the passing of an innocent actor, who was only ACTING in brokeback, we should be the ones protesting them. Bring it on fuckers!!!

  • Michael

    That idiot Phelps has no sense of decency: who protests at another man’s funeral whether that man is a brave soldier that fought for our country or a great actor like Ledger? Anyways, I am glad to know that there are only about 20 people in his church and they are all related to him. (I guess that’s what happens when your imbreed!). You know what else? Those who protest the loudest are usually the one who have something to hide. Phelps might turn out to be history’s biggest self-loathing gay.

  • Joda

    I live in Topeka. A month ago a Phelps was picketing outside my church that said, “Thank God for dead shoppers”. There had been a severe storm and several bad pile-ups and an associated death. From what I can tell, they hate shoppers, soldiers, gays, Sweden, Canada, the United States, etc.

    These people are evil media whores. And they won’t go where they will ACTUALLY be harmed. I’ve always been amazed at HOW exacting they are in determining the safety of the crowd at the funeral that they will be protesting. Believe me, they threatened to protest the funeral of a popular gay HS student here who was to have his funeral in a local, rough, small town. Some over-sized, rough, cavemen-type-men, who are frends of the family, let the Phelps know *^&%#&*%…(Phelps could very well have been hurt if he had protested at THAT funeral.)

    The Phelp hate group ALWAYS assess the group and act accordingly. They are cold-hearted, meticulous, servers of Satan.

  • Pearl

    If they hate the US so much, why don’t they just leave your shores?

    Or they could cordon themselves off from the world and declare themselves a separate principality(Google “Hutt River Province”).

    Heard that Phelps woman on the radio this morning. One of the announcers was in such shock at her drivel that he thought she was playing a character!

  • Kitosoma

    Yet another disgusting challenge from the WBC.

  • adam

    you know, when you guys CLARIFY that Heath shouldnt be picketed because he only PLAYED a homosexual, you make me think that youre saying its ok to punish REAL gay people, but not those who play them in movies.

    kind of a moot point, right? isnt ANY funeral picketed by insane assholes wrong just in concept?

  • NC

    they follow what their bible says, you can say what you want about their public relations policy, but give em some props for heart….

  • Ken

    We should find out what plane these “people” fly on on their way to Hollywood and fill it with queers. Better yet, book the same flight to Australia and surround their sorry asses with homos for the overseas trip. That would be fun.

  • Pearl

    They’re not coming over here! I suspect that they realised the threat of GBH if they try and picket against Perth’s favorite non-athlete son in his hometown.

    That, and they would struggle to get visas.

    Like I said, we have enough dinky-di, true-blue, self-aggrandising bigots to cause a headache.

    Although, the Aussie union of Baptist Churches has strongly critcised Phelps and offered condolences to Mr Ledger’s loved ones. As they should!

  • kim

    I am a christian and God doesnt hate anyone even the worst sinners in the world . The only one that can judge is God . the fact that these people call themselves christians is sickening to me. For one thing fag is a very hateful word and most christians would not use that word. Please do not judge all of us christians from what these idiots are doing. I will be praying for Heaths family because they have lost someone very special, but I will also pray for the wbc crazies because obviously they have too much hate in their hearts and if anyone is going to hell it will be them.

  • kim

    another thing is that they say this movie promoted being gay which is so untrue. The guys in the movie didnt say ,”come on be gay its great it makes your life so much easier, so join me in this lifestyle” .If anything it showed how difficult being gay is for some people and what a challenge it can be for some people to accept and come to terms with. And how the character in the movie hid his true self from his family and even tried to deny it to himself and basically ended up very lonely because of others and his own prejudices I dont see how that is promoting anything . It basically just said , this guy is gay and this is how he chose to handle it and this is how it turned out for him..Thats like saying the movie Ray promotes blindness.

  • kim

    here is a very interesting expose on fred phelps . It is alot too read but it is also really scary . http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/michael_haggerty/expose3.htm . It basically gives proof that this man abused his children to the point that most of them are brainwashed and now he is using his children to intimidate people (his children are all lawyers) and if you dont have his same opinion or think its ok to spread his hate he uses his children to sue you.this article will make you sick

  • Kate

    Phelps hates *shoppers*? Flippin’ heck. What sort of God are they conceptualizing? Personally, I gave up on the whole God idea about the time of the Asian Tsunami and 200,000 dead, and I can’t understand how anyone else can reconcile that with the concept of a loving God. Sorry Christians.

    I really do hope the Westboro Baptists do turn up in Perth. It would be cathartic for all concerned. I don’t think even Phelps’ lawyer kids could save him from the WA ‘justice system’ (using the quotation marks advisedly).

  • Derek

    I am also from Topeka where WBC is located. I would just like to say, on behalf of Topeka, as a 20 year old Christian homosexual male, that Kansas, specifically Topeka, does not condone any of the behaviors of this extremist group. I, too, find it repulsive that they would protest at Heath Ledger’s funeral, or any funeral for that matter. My deepest apologies to anyone who is upset by their actions. Their judgement day will come.

  • sahrish

    they are talking about the Almighty and have no respect for the dead and his family at all.

  • Dustin

    They will not be travelling to Australia. For reasons that we are not 100 percent certain of. Whether Australia recognizes free speech… or the fact that if they did go and picket the funeral, we can rest assured that they wouldn’t ever return from that country. God willing. I dispise these people… I loathe them… and I think that THEY, will burn in fire and torment… not a good soul like Heath Ledger.

  • alissa

    i think that people who say and act on those kind of disgusting ‘beliefs’ are just hypocrits.. i hope he rests in peace. and remembered as a good father and incredible actor. i loved the movie brokeback mountain. those sick pigs need to do some self evaluation because if there is anyone who is talking about hell it is people like that with such hate in their words that really need some therapy. wake up it is 2008. there are MILLIONS of gay people all over the world. i loved heath ledger. i think he was a very talented actor and people that would say things like that just because of a ROLE he played in a movie are disturbed and need help. you disgust me. and you disgrace yourself. and i know that a lot of this is misspelled but you get the point.
    rest in peace heath ledger.. you will be missed!

  • Eli

    That’s sick… People filled with hate can not call themselves “christians”. That has nothing to do with CHRISTianity… It has nothing to do with the words and the love of Jesus, whose followers we shouwld be.

    Heath is in our prayers and with the angels now. We love and miss you forever, dear angel, untill the day when we’ll meet again up there in heaven… Rest in peace… Forever in our hearts…

  • Karen G.

    Heath Ledgers role in Brokeback Mountain was just that, a movie role. It took a tremendous amount of courage for him to play such a controversial role and I admire him for it. I am saddened at the loss of a great young talent. May he rest in peace and may God bless and comfort his family in their time of sorrow.

  • michael n

    Guys, Fred Phelps is a freak. But so too is the God of Abraham. It is arguably the greatest monster in human history. As much as I hate Phelps, I hate his God more. because what Phelps says is actually the word of God (jerk)
    The truth is, God does hate us, and he plans to make us suffer for the pleasure of people like Phelps. Go ahead, read the bible for your self. Find me 1 thing that indeicates that God loves you. you wont. It is not Phelp’s fault, he’ds just the tired old mouth piece – the creature who made the rules is the one you should scorn. Any Gay person who worships this diety is an idiot, it will never accept you, it will try and kill not only your body but your soul as well. my advice, stay well away from this east and its foot soldiers, and if a pentecostal walks up to you in the street and askes you to invite jesus into your heart. stab them!

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