Westboro Blames Oklahoma’s Deadly Tornado On…Openly Gay Jason Collins?

westboro-collins-tornadoAt least 24 people have been confirmed dead from Oklahoma’s massive tornado Monday afternoon, providing America’s least favorite church yet another moment to bask in the tragedy of others.

In typical fashion, the Westboro Baptist Church fired off a series of tweets reveling in the destruction of the tornado, at one point posting what they claimed was a rainbow flag that survived the storm:

WBC might have had rainbow houses on the brain since some good samaritan painted the house next door to theirs a fiercer shade of pale. Meanwhile, Fred Phelps, Jr., the unholy offspring of the church’s leader, linked the carnage with Kevin Durant’s support for openly gay fellow basketball playing giant Jason Collins:

We did and it doesn’t add up. At this point, Westboro’s inflammatory comments don’t even warrant a response and since the world is already full of so much negativity, here’s an adorable old lady finding her lost dog amidst the rubble instead:

h/t: Gay Star News