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Westboro Gang Forced To Watch Same-Sex Marriage

equality houseHave you ever imagined Fred Phelps quoting Judy Garland‘s classic line “I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore?” That’s likely what he and his fellow  non-friends-of-Dorothy folks at the Westboro Baptist Church will be uttering under their foul breaths Saturday when Kimberly Kidwell and Katie Short tie the wedding knot directly across the street. Or, considering their past antics, maybe they won’t. Regardless, Kidwell and Short, who hail from Little Rock, Arkansas, chose the front lawn of the colorful “equality house” in Topeka, Kansas to exchange their nuptials due, no doubt, to it being located in such close proximity to headquarters for the antigay, ahem, church. In a month when the Supreme Court will rule on whether to legalize marriage equality, Saturday’s wedding will mark the first for the rainbow-hued nonprofit.

According to a statement released by Planting Peace, which owns the property, “Several organizations and businesses in the greater Topeka area have rallied around this event, generously donating time, money, and resources in order to make this ceremony possible. We at the Equality House believe our fight to end discrimination and injustice means emphasizing the love and happiness of people like Kimberly and Katie.”

The only good news for the Phelps family is they won’t have far to carry their picket signs.