Did Phelps and Friends Lie About Finances?

Westboro Say They’re Too Poor To Pay Up

Fred Phelps and his spawn have a bit of a problem.

They’ve been ordered to cough up nearly $11 million for picketing at a soldier’s funeral, but their Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church can’t muster the moolah. Aw, ain’t that a shame?

The fallen soldier’s father, Arnold Snyder and his legal team claim the Phelps clan hasn’t been forthright with their finances. Not only did they not present all of their financial documents, but daughter Rebekah Phelps-Davis lied about having sole ownership of a $146,600 home. Records unsealed yesterday, however, show that she shares responsibility with her husband. We guess their demented God shines brightly on shady liars, huh.

We’ve included an allegedly complete list of the group’s finances after the jump.

Via The Baltimore Sun:

In the financial documents, Phelps listed less than $1,000 in cash, with most of his $231,129 net worth stemming from the home he shares with his wife. Phelps-Roper listed about $12,000 in cash, $35,000 in a retirement fund, $45,000 in cars and personal property, a $238,000 home and a $49,000 mortgage. Phelps-Davis listed $306 in her checking account, $20,000 in a retirement fund, $35,000 in personal property, a $146,000 home and a $65,000 mortgage.

All three also listed thousands of dollars in credit card debt.