Wet, Hot, Shirtless Jogger Interviewed By Local News Station Breaks The Internet

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Ethan Renoe was just out for a jog, shirtless, last night when he was stopped by WGN-TV reporter Tahman Bradley, who was doing a segment on Chicago’s unseasonably warm December weather.

“Dude, where is your shirt, man?” Bradley asked Renoe.

“It’s a great day for a run,” a soaking wet Renoe replied, “and it’s too wet to wear a shirt.” Then he casually added: “I love running in the rain and I’m also single.”

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When Renoe returned home from his run about 20 minutes later, the segment had already garnered nearly 25,000 views online. One day later it’s been viewed over 1.8 million times and received over 20,000 likes and more than 12,000 shares on Facebook.

WGN caught up with Renoe, now nicknamed “Ethan the Shirtless Wonder,” again this morning, who says he was surprised at just how quickly the video, which he appears in for less than 30 seconds, took off.

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“It’s really been crazy,” Renoe said. “I have about 900 friend requests (on Facebook) right now.”

When asked if he was “looking for love,” Renoe replied: “I am.”

But don’t get too excited, fellas. Ethan the Shirtless Wonder says he’s straight.

Check out the original video below.