blue mountain state

We’ve Found the Most Homoerotic New Show on Television. And It’s About Sports

Well, it’s about sports as much as it is about college, drinking, and screwing. Blue Mountain State, Spike TV’s entry into the sports dramedy arena, is actually quite funny — if you don’t concentrate too hard on all that “that sounds gay” dialogue. (Which, to be fair, is always accurate when it’s uttered.) But in the show’s premiere, which aired last night, we got a taste of what’s in store in the weeks ahead: Over-confident football jocks out to prove something, even if that means running 100 yards in a jockstrap with three other dudes. Hey, whatever settles your battles. Our only question: Will this be gay enough for GLAAD next year?

And yes, that’s Justice League‘s Aquaman, American Idol hopeful, (and underwear model) Alan Ritchson.

The show’s official trailer:

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