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We’ve Found the Most Homoerotic New Show on Television. And It’s About Sports

Well, it’s about sports as much as it is about college, drinking, and screwing. Blue Mountain State, Spike TV’s entry into the sports dramedy arena, is actually quite funny — if you don’t concentrate too hard on all that “that sounds gay” dialogue. (Which, to be fair, is always accurate when it’s uttered.) But in the show’s premiere, which aired last night, we got a taste of what’s in store in the weeks ahead: Over-confident football jocks out to prove something, even if that means running 100 yards in a jockstrap with three other dudes. Hey, whatever settles your battles. Our only question: Will this be gay enough for GLAAD next year?

And yes, that’s Justice League‘s Aquaman, American Idol hopeful, (and underwear model) Alan Ritchson.

The show’s official trailer:

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  • christopher di spirito

    I’m totally into Alan Ritchson. I will eat his…., agh, “cookie,” anytime.

  • Dasher

    OMG, I can’t believe this is on, even on cable. It’s soooooooooooooo gay! It’s got to be the most homoerotic program in all of TV land. Pretty funny too. Definitely a guilty pleasure. Not sure Gator fans will appreciate the references, though…

  • Observer

    They gained a fan in my household. Can someone please tell me the name of that classical music piece being played?

  • Same Crap

    It looks stupid. Bring back Arrested Development!

  • scott ny'er

    that was very strange.

  • Carl Orff

    “Can someone please tell me the name of that classical music piece being played?”

    That’s “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana

    In English, it begins:
    “O Fortune,
    just as the moon
    Stands constantly changing,”

    Apropo, eh?

  • Sumatra

    Can’t believe how moronic this is. Western civilization is indeed doomed.

  • TheProfessor

    I need to lie down. I’m getting an aneurysm.

  • jason

    This is just men being men, relaxed in all their glory. In contrast, many gay men are uptight, sex-obsessed, and vain beyond belief.

  • Jones

    I agree. It’d be nice if gays could do a show like this without always being so judgemental of their bodies, their ages and of others. One guy once told me he could never be friends with another gay man because they all want to get into his pants, and it was so true! We don’t really know the true value of friendship, that’s why we all get dogs. We need to be less uptight, more willing to accept ourselves and others, and less vain and uptight. Otherwise our future does not look good.

  • Jack

    I would eat every single cookie.

  • sam

    @no 9 and @ no 10…….so has nothing to do with this show at all

    hehe ^_^ but imo, lame and juvenille though it clearly is…i was lolling throughout those 3 clips.w ill have to check it out if it ever airs here.

  • alan brickman

    Don`t be jealous…Alan has finally arrived…

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Reality TV sucks almost as much as those who fill their insipid lives with it!

  • MakeItNotBeTrue

    From “AQUAMAN” to this crap… How embarrassing… Wow.

  • B

    No. 7 · Sumatra wrote, “Can’t believe how moronic this is. Western civilization is indeed doomed.”

    That’s more or less what they said at the end of Around the World in 80 Days (original picture, not the remake) when Shirley McClaine
    and Cantiflas walk into The Reform Club, an upper-class men-only British institution.

    The videos do, however, remind me of what H.L. Mencken once said: “nobody ever lost money underestimating the taste of the American public” (also attributed to P.T.Barnum and a paraphrase of something by Mark Twain).

  • hardmannyc

    Big deal. Go on Sean Cody and see the same types of guys, only in better shape and going all the way at full staff.

  • George


    The song = Carmina Burana.

  • George

    Does anybody know whether that’s Davey Wavey at the end of the Thad video clip?

  • Dame Helga von ornstein

    For those of you who missed this it repeats tonight at 11pm.

  • Kieran

    Wow. This is more homoerotic than anything I’ve seen on Logo.

  • jason


    I do agree with you. The great flaw in the gay community – especially the male one – is that it is built on a sex act. No community can last with this as its basis.

  • Kieran

    What are you talking about? The entire human race was built on a sex act.

  • Dame Helga von ornstein

    What more can one ask for? A cute, sexy 6’4″ Asian guy who “fits right in” as threatens to fuck a guy in the ass or holding a black and white (with both looking very bi-sexual and giving street lesbian) cheerleaders.

    Black twinks with VERY CUTE bouncy butts in jock straps with their butts showing full moon. There is even a gay quarterback.

    Yes folks, this show is definitely LOGO meets SPIKE. A queen clearly had the final say in the casting and I say loudly CONGRATULATIONS!! Job well done.

    The only thing I see that could have been thought out a little better was the locker room scenes (with butts and BVDs galore)and the guys they use for fill in. They look too old for college. It makes it more like LOGO meets SPIKE with OZ as the chaperon. But wait, there are people who like that rough trade too. Silly me. I mean every base is covered with this one.

  • FakeName

    @alan brickman: STFU about being jealous. Nobody here is jealous of anyone and yet again you come off like a pissy queen.

  • scott ny'er

    asian? methinks glasses are needed. I didn’t see any Asians. No?

  • FakeName

    The guy crying in the shower room is Asian. He was the mascot but lost his job to the guy furthest away from Alan in the clip after he caught the Asian guy masturbating on the trophy case.

  • Dasher

    Thanks Dame Helga, I saw the repeat. This is just trivia, but the black dude with the ring, isn’t that “Pete”, Clark Kent’s improbable high school friend from the second and third seasons of Smallville?

  • sal(the original)

    im lost,can someone lead me to the “gay friendly” area?

  • Dame Helga von ornstein

    You are welcome Dasher. And yes that is Pete of Smallville.

    I always wanted to see what that tight little butt of his looked like and my wish came true. And did it! I got to see what it looks like while he did a very homo-erotic, kinky scene. As the saying goes: keep living, and that day will come.

  • ossurworld

    I presume this the new version of The Three Stooges.

  • Todd

    This show was a big waist of my time!

  • Republican

    This looks incredibly stupid.

  • alejandro

    THIS SHIT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr.Woo

    Come to China, we have better show than this.

  • Disgusted American

    ahh I see the heteros are once again RAMMING thier sexuality & SEX lives down our throats…(sound familiar?) …and this show seems to be a tad homphobic to me.

  • OompaLoompa

    @no 37, I agree, and I wonder, how many of the so-called “actors” in this “show” are closeted queens putting up with this garbage just to get their break in Hollywood. I’d rather work at WalMart. There’s more honor in that.

  • Todd

    It’s a made for TV college version of American Pie. The black guy wants to have sex, but theres a catch…shes a virgin! Ohh noooo….need I say more? 30 min.’s to long and its 1/2 hour show!

  • Bob Lablah

    @oompaloompa. I would rethink working at Wal-mart. I don’t think you or anyone else would have much of a future working at a company that barely pays enough to afford toilet paper without feeling like you are splurging on it, regardless of how “necessary” it is.

    @republican. Stupid it is. That is what makes it so appealing. I am taken back to the days when I was in HS where there were a few “chummy” football players that I do think back and wonder about. After all these years I now remember how they would wrestle each others jock strap off of each other but never thought about it really until I saw this show.

    As Mary Harpin sang:

    those were the days, my friend,
    we thought they’d never end,
    those were the days,
    oh yes those were the days,

    P.S. Jobs in those days paid enough to not only afford toilet paper but rent too.

  • bill

    This is not gay, its just part of the whole sport/collage hazing thing which……i have always found to be very gay; hazing always revolves around guys getting naked in front of eachother, ie spankings streeking straight guys are so messed up sexualy which is why when older they all cruse the internet for gay porn.

  • Bomba

    @no 40:
    Do you work at WalMart Bob LaBlah?

  • Bob Lablah

    No, I do not. And since you are not singing to us about how “wonderful and honored” it is to work there I think it safe to say you don’t either.

    Am I right or wrong? And yes, I do make enough to afford toilet paper AND NYC rent. At least my half of it.

  • DrKeith

    A stereotype of a gay man is that he’s sex-obsessed? Who came up with this gem?

    Like straight men aren’t sex-obsessed? Is that why so many bikini-clad, high-heel wearing women are lying on cars in many vehicle adverts? GMAFB.

  • Greg Theron

    Damn, Alan Ritchson is so hot. I want his balls in my ass.

  • Lukas P.

    Ain’t nothing wrong with watching guys having fun—straightish, gayish, bi-ish, British—on TV. Man cannot live on scripted dramas alone.

    P.S. Please do support your local PBS affiliate, all the same!

  • WalMartWannabe

    @no. 43 BOb Blah:
    I’d rather work at WalMart with some dignity that make big bucks looking like an ass. Oh, and I do have money for my toilet paper.

  • Bob Lablah

    @WalMartWannabe: Ah go on, admit I was right and let’s go back to being friends and stop sounding like two silly ass queens who got to happy hour 10 mins before it is about to end and can’t afford a “regular” round of drinks.

    Nice chatting with you girl. Take care. And by the way, the article is about the new clandestinely gay-oriented show and not your (nor mine) silly ass dignity.

  • Dasher

    A lot of college hazing involves upperclassmen peeing on freshmen, fraternity pledges, lower ranking athletes, etc. They haven’t done that on Blue Mountain State yet. Maybe in the next episode.

  • rayfray

    Carmina Burana by Carl Orff

  • Stud

    whats a Carmina Burana?

  • Lukas P.

    Hazing rituals are one of the most frequently requested fantasies requested by male clients into D/s play. I have heard that from male escorts who kindly list these things for me when I do research. Really; that’s a very small part of my duties. The escorts love the surveys, because no one ever else asks them to contribute to science.

  • Dasher

    The hazing is only just getting underway on this lurid TV show (it’s so lurid I love it). The funny thing about the show for me is its showing the products of repressed puritanical upbringing: straight guys with sexual problems and hangups and an almost obsessive fear of being gay. These are the guys who pull each other’s jockstraps down in the locker room, and snap a wet rolled up towel on another guy’s buttocks. They streak, and get caught masturbating in inappropriate places. They will drag some poor outcast kid into the shower and pee on him (one of the bullies doing the peeing got an erection when I saw this actually happen).

  • JT

    @Lukas P.: That is absolutely true Lukas P. In the two years I’ve been escorting full time in NYC, “hazing rituals” ARE the #1 requested fantasy roleplay scene requested among my clients.

  • fredo777

    What does this scripted comedy show have to do with reality tv?

    Furthermore, I disagree about all reality tv sucking. I think there are some really entertaining shows which are categorized as reality television + my life isn’t insipid in the least.

  • Lukas P.

    @JT: Thanks for the head nod and agreement. I have to say that I caught twelve kinds of attitude from the holier-than-thou academic higher ups for my partipation in that study, but our goal in that particular research piece was to go to the “experts,” which is to say people [male escorts, in this case] who professionally engage in fulfilling fantasies. As obvious a strategy as that sounds, it’s rarely done. Bottom line: academic types are reluctant to ask “hookers” (their word, not mine) about their job! To he££ with that….

    Added note: less than 5% of the pros we contacted refused to be interviewed. If I asked licensed “sex therapists” the same damn question, that figure would be about 1/3 because they “respect clients’ confidentality.”

    Be well

  • Grace

    Where is Dante’s Cove?

  • K.

    @Sumatra: Hear Hear!

  • Chip

    @Observer: The music is from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff.

  • nbr

    wonder how many episodes it will be before he’s in bed with
    with a dude.

    also, he comes off a little like the sttiff-meister (american pie).
    don’t mess w/sean willian scott.

    thad is in the closet for sure…………………………

  • nbr

    is this on spike pr bravo!!!!??

  • John Simpson

    I don’t care, I LOVE the show! It’s funny, sexy, and there are far worse things on television. Only wish it was on HBO.

    And as for tonight’s episode, I don’t know how they kept straight faces filming the many times can you say “pocket pussy,” without cracking up???

  • Vera Waitress

    @OompaLoompa: The feeling of elation you get as an actor when you book a show like this, or book a commercial is indescribable. And it lasts for about an hour and a half . Then the sobering reality hits. You are a meat puppet.

  • shae

    I love this show! i have it set to record on my dvr so i never miss an episode!

  • The Intolerance Exterminator

    Aquaman is the only episode of Smallville I ever recorded (and I’ve watched it a few times now, it is so sexy).

    If my memory serves me right, didn’t Sam L. Jones III aka Pete from Smallville, play in the role of a gay character in the US medical drama ER (including an erotic scene where he was caught – by his brother – whilst having sex with his boyfriend in the shower)?

    However, given his forthcoming new role – with a 20 year contract – as the block bitch in a US Federal gaol, won’t he be too busy to carry on working in Blue Mountain State?

  • VixcB

    From the one episode I saw it looked like a decent show. I like how it poked fun of college humor and still gives the viewer something to look at weather your a gay male or straight. I think this show is perfect for the spike network and I may try to watch more of it in hopes to get a better opinion.


  • Dasher

    I don’t know what it says about me (probably nothing very good), but I love this crazy show! The episode about the pocket pussy was hilarious. And poor Pete from Smallville…he’s so PW. The scene of him rubbing off on his girlfriend while she read TV Guide was hysterical. Some of the screenplay hits pretty close to home (but not my home, y’understan’….;)

  • David

    This show is crazy ass funny! I love it.

  • rudeboy

    The show is funny.. dammm everyting does not have to be a thesis on gay vs. straight , its god damnn funny in an immature highschool way

  • Derek Williams

    I’m struggling to understand how a show where ‘gay’ is a swear word is being described as ‘homoerotic’.

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