We’ve Got A Secret

ryan seacrest

The Game Show Network (which has our favorite game show Super Market Sweep!) has announced a new version of the classic game show I’ve Got a Secret. But with a new twist. The celebrity panelists are all a bunch of ‘mos.

The Game Show Network announced Thursday that it will begin airing a revival of the classic show I’ve Got a Secret on April 17. The twist for this new version is that everyone on the panel of celebrities is openly gay. Doing their best to guess the secrets of contestants will be radio host Frank DeCaro, comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer, retired major league baseball player Billy Bean, and Broadway performer Jermaine Taylor.

The whole idea behind the show seems to be that gays are better at ferreting out other’s secrets because we have “secrets” of our own. We’re not sure if we’re down with that, but we guess we have to give the show a chance before we knock it.

One note for the producers: If they want to truly make it a gay game show, get Ryan Seacrest to host.

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