W&G Lawsuit Just Won’t Die!!

Will & Grace‘s legacy lives on. The zany fag/hag groundbreaker changed the shape of media – gay and mainstream, alike, giving middle America another, more appetizing view of the homo breed. The wildly popular half-hour sitcom continues to be shown in syndication, thus garnering even more fans. And the show’s legal legacy keeps kicking, as well.

Producers David Kohan and Jason “Max” Mutchnick filed a $55 million lawsuit against NBC back in 2003. The gay-straight buddies claim the National Broadcasting Corporation undersold the show’s value when reworking a licensing deal. Access Hollywood elaborates:

The lawsuit alleged NBC Studios cut a sweetheart deal because Will & Grace was produced by NBC Studios and licensed to NBC. Attorneys for NBC Studios, a subsidiary of NBC Universal, denied wrongdoing.

A jury reached a verdict on the four-year old case, but the foreman’s corporation-hating past came back to haunt him. The unidentified man maintained a personal website on which he lambasted NBC (among other mega companies) for their titanic power.

An NBC operative found the website on Wednesday, thus devalidating what they must have feared would be a “guilty” verdict. NBC mouthpiece Nate Kirtman sneered: “I think what’s important to know is that we’re pleased we were able to find that information out and bring it to the court’s attention.” No doubt, you sneaks.

Kohan and Mutchnick’s legal team denies the jury foreman had prejudged NBC and his comments were simply “political”. Politics: a driving force in history, not unlike Will & Grace. This shit could be bigger than anything in the history of everything!