What $300 for an Hour With America’s 1st Legal Male Prostitute Markus Gets You

At an editorial meeting last year, as Queerty staffers discussed a piece we were working on about male prostitutes, the question arose: “Is Queerty going to pay for a reporter to spend the night with a hooker?” Budget concerns — and state law — answered that question in the negative. But this is a new era, where male hookers are now legal in Nevada, and the New York Post was willing to foot the bill for funny lady Mandy Stadtmiller (straight, though don’t hold it against her) to spend an evening with “Markus,” the most noteworthy new addition to the Shady Lady Ranch.

The 25-year-old ex-Marine (real name: Patrick) has a “no guys” policy, so to really understand what a few hundred bucks — 300 for an hour, to be precise — get you, one needs to send a chick. Which the Post did.

And what does one get from a former homeless dude and self-professed “surrogate lover” who compares his prostitution journey with the civil rights struggle of Rosa Parks, and who now pays the bills by pleasing women? Mandy tells us:

“First thing we do is visual inspection,” explains the dorky college dropout who later confesses I am only his second client, he has been with a total of six women in his life, and, to be perfectly honest, he lost his virginity at 23.

“So,” Markus says after leaning over and kissing my knee, “we’re going to get undressed and then take a shower. Then we can both inspect each other to make sure there are no discrepancies.”

Minutes later, as we’re standing naked in the shower, he’s examining me like a second-rate gynecologist and nodding.

“Yeah,” he murmurs, cooing that I’m “practically” an 8 or a 9. “Everything looks great down there.”

And so it continues. With Markus 5-foot-9 “very well-endowed” frame.”

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  • Dionte

    lol @ him being with six women and losing his virginity at 23, a prostitute, he should do comedy, first time I laughed out loud today :-)

  • fredo777

    Steve-O is charging a pretty penny for his services, but I’d pay it. Does that make me a Jackass?

  • Cam

    He’s been with 6 women? 6?!?!

  • Republican

    He is fucking ugly.

  • JR

    GROSS!!! He would have to pay me $600 and that’s with him wearing a bag over his head!!!!

  • Dirty Ole Man

    $300 an hour??? For that troll! You’ve got to be kidding me!
    You guys should see the delicious young flat bellies I get for half that price. Ha!

  • ggreen

    Fortunately for Marcus straight women are very easy to please. When you have a vagina 4 inches looks big. For $300 per hour in gay dollars you would get a semi-hung (6-7.5) 3rd string porn “star”

  • Troy

    I bet $300 gets you a case of the crabs. And hopefully a blindfold.

  • Sam

    Hella fug.

  • Lukas P.

    He asked his client to spank him! Read the NYP article: it’s funny. He descibes himself as an artist and an eccentric. He’s read the “Karma Sutra.” [Bad sign!] They didn’t have sex, he’s well endowed and he has an abnormally long tongue. And has only had *one* client before this lady.

    You’d think the Ranch would have hired a professional: y’know, like someone who has done the job before?

  • Richard

    He’d be a good one for the baitbus..

  • kevin vancouver

    and this is a story worthy of comment why exactly?? It’s about breeders uughh

  • B Damion

    @ggreen your clueless…You sound like a str8 idiot!

  • Thom

    I don’t understand why people give a shit honestly and why they feel the need to insult him. you’re bitchy like straight women.

  • Lukas P.

    @kevin vancouver: Kevin, don’t worry about it. He’s the first *legal* male prostitute in the US. Yes, he only services women. But the case does put legal male prostitution [which would be taxed] onto the table and makes US men seeking to legally peddle their wares to men that much closer to being able to do so.

    Male prostitution doesn’t appeal to me personally as a consumer or a producer (!)– I’m possibly in the minority on that — but if gay male prostitution *were* legalized and regulated in the US it would cut down on STDs and the whole abusive pimp/ho dynamic.

  • jason

    What gay man in his right mind would pay 300 an hour for sex with a dork? Even if he wasn’t a dork, why pay when you can get it in a park for free? There’s some awfully nice men lurking out there.

  • Lukas P.

    @jason: I agree! That guy’s not experienced, not that good looking either. The thing is though, that most the guys I know who do pay for sex would have no problem finding a decent man/woman in exchange for a good dinner and a little conversation. Maybe they just want to avoid entanglements or just want to engage in something they think is too “kinky” to ask for elsewhere…

  • Joyce

    I understand he does not see men, so HE is not “Gay”. I am glad to this. Fair is Fair! Now women can sneak around on their husbands!!! I think and hope this guy does well.

    For the person that said “He is ugly”, just remember MOST men will screw a cat, dog or anything. To them a hole is a hole.

  • Joyce

    Hey JASON! Yeah “Go get it in the park” and get AIDS!!! This guy is CLEAN and disease free or he would not be allowed to work there. I trust him more than ANY man I meet.
    He only sees WOMEN …BTW

    Go get it ladies!!!

  • Derek

    @ Joyce

    Here is a little bit of information for ya hun since you so obviously need this and much, much more…

    One does not acquire AIDS from sex in park, a hotel, a car or anywhere else. Rather one acquires the virus known as HIV.

    The virus at some point could affect an immune system negatively enough for that person to be labelled as having AIDS. I won’t get into the specific of the AIDS diagnosis in terms of tcell count, viral load, etc because I think that kind of stuff would be waaaaaay over your head.

    But I hope I have helped you to understand things a little bit clearer. Now I think it is time for you and your holes to go far, far away.

  • Joyce

    Listen Gay Boy!…..Jason.
    Everyone knows that AIDS comes after HIV and there is NO cure.
    It is your life do as you please, but keep you mouth shut to me.

    Yes keep screwing around in the park and you will get AIDS…………FACT!!! I am a nurse. I have seen too many people die from Aids AFTER HIV. I have seen too many women infected by cheating husbands and boy friends.

    I would rather pay this CLEAN guy than ANY man anyday that just is looking to stick it in anything he can for FREE!.

  • Bianca

    Seriously? Spending 300$ on that when I can get it or free and someone better looking?

  • Bianca

    @ggreen: Huh! Specialist on women, ay?
    Don’t worry little, straight man. One day you’ll find the one that’s “easy to please”.

    @fredo777: A big one.

    This is the funniest thread in a long time.

  • Derek

    @ Joyce

    Jason is not talking to you, adjust your one good eye and focus.

    Not EVERYONE with HIV develops AIDS – FACT!
    Did anyone mention the existence of a cure?
    Um……no so why are you bringing it up?

    Joyce get yourself a fucking clue and then swish with some Massingill.
    NO ONE cares about why you would let this hooker stick you in your NASTY hole.

    And calling Jason “Gay boy Jason” shows what a simple CUNT you really are.

  • fredo777

    @Bianca: Hush. I’m not interested; I just wanted to make the Steve-O/Jackass reference.

  • Bianca


    LOL Fredo, it’s ok then. I can go back to respecting you.

    I mean seriously, the guy is unattractive and sounds like a tool too.

  • walt

    Joyce is a cunt.

  • Joyce


    You need some AIDS cock I guess. A “Cunt” is what a Gay guy calls a beautiful intelligent woman that he is jealous of. Yes you get AIDS if you get HIV…………FACT and NO CURE at this time or near future. You can also get a variety of other things that you do not want. Brothels are SAFE!!!! No kissing and everything COVERED. You go get your FREE gay sex in the park and I will collect my 1000.00 per hr for SAFE. DUMB ASS!!!! They would through you and your cronies out of the Brothel if you did come in because they would look at your (little) penis under the light and see the diseases you already have.

  • Joyce


    Not yours though!!! You will never get the chance to infect ME………..LOL! Go infect your Mother.

  • Bianca

    Christ Joyce, for an “intelligent” woman you sure are very ignorant.

    You don’t get AIDS from “kissing” and no matter how much you look at a guy’s wang under the strongest light, you are not going to detect AIDS and some other STD’s.

    I guess I’m also jealous of the “beautiful intelligent” you….

  • Joyce


    You must be retarded!!! A nurse or health care Professional CAN detect a variety of STDS by looking at the penis under a light. They turn guys away from the Brothels ALL the time for warts, Gonorrhea, herpes etc….Yes You can get Herpes, Hep-C and many other STDs from KISSING. Kissing is exchange of Body fliuds. It does not have to be blood!!! It can be from Oral sex as well. HIV was discovered in the 80s, but existed LONG before that. Lots of MIAs were not really MIAs in Nam. They were placed in hospitals to die from HIV/AIDS. This MIA LIE spared the family a lot of grief by the rotten government.

    Wake up Idiot. This is NOT (Free Love) in this day and age!!!
    Anyone that transmits HIV to another person should be charged with MURDER. Gays and hookers having sex in the Park should be Jailed for 2 yrs and a 10,000.00 fine.

    I am sick of trying to tell you idiots anything so go Fuck yourself to your GRAVE and make the world a better place, but if you infect an innocent person, I would be happy to execute you personally and volunteer to do so. One bullet to the head should do it, but if not I could just cut off your penis and choke you to death on it as yo momma watches. You would get no FREE ride from the Government.

  • Mike

    “Gays and hookers having sex in the Park should be Jailed for 2 yrs and a 10,000.00 fine.”

    Glad to know you’re not ruling the country, Miss Gaddafi-Lite.

  • Joyce


    Yes I guess YOU and some others are VERY glad…LOL!

  • Bianca

    Joyce honey, it’s time to take those meds ASAP. You sound like a loon.

    Just another crazy, straight dude/chick who found something (the gays) to unleash your fristrations and anger on.

  • Joyce

    (I) do not take any meds and you Gays and low end Hoes will never get the chance to cause me to have to take meds. Now go take yours for all the diseases I am sure you have. I will just keep making my 1000.00 per hr. SAFE!!!

  • ElizaBeth

    Here are some amusing interviews/footage of the Shady Lady Ranch and Markus:

  • bonkovi

    Why the fuck do women willing to pay Markus $300 per hour if they can easily find men who are willing to sleep with them for free at the local bars, pubs and nightclubs. Fuck LOL, I think Markus can’t get a real job that why he chose to be a male prostitute.
    If he is reading this.. Markus ..Go and get a REAL JOB!

  • Bill Ford

    @Dan: If you spread your legs for him, you must have a very unique male physique.

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