What About DADT Does Sen. Robert Byrd Think Will Change 60 Days After the Pentagon Kills It?

We’re being told to expect the first votes on DADT today in both the House and Senate. Earlier this week everyone was thrilled about this day. Then Sen. Robert Byrd, the West Virginia Democrat, went ahead and said he’s only voting for a DADT repeal if, even after repealing it and giving the Pentagon the decision to decide when to finally sign off on it, Congress would then get an additional 60-day review period.

Why the additional delay? Because Byrd wants to give “Congress an opportunity to re-examine” DADT even after it, uh, repeals it and gets the Pentagon to okay things.

The real question is whether other Senate Armed Services Committee members will agree. They need 15 votes; Byrd would the 16th and, if things go accordingly, unnecessary.