What Are The Big Gay Stories of 2009?

It’s a brand new year and it’s easy to imagine that it stands before us like a bright, shiny tabula rasa full of opportunity and hope. Ha, ha! Just kidding. Your fate’s already been sealed and the calendar’s marked with a year’s worth of fun activities likely to anger, inspire and reshape the face of the gay community. Here’s the biggest headlines of the upcoming year, at you today:

Barack Obama Becomes President, Gets Homophobic Bigot to Preside over Inauguration
Obama’s decision to have Rev. Rick Warren officiate his inauguration draws boos and heckles from some in the inauguration crowd, but Rev. Warren uses the moment to address the controversy over his inclusion directly, apologizing for those he offended and invoking the phrase “more perfect union.” It’s not enough to appease LGBT activists, but enough to put the issue to rest for mainstream America.

Sundance Boycott Fizzles, But Cinemark Theatres Singled Out
Choosing to use Sundance as a platform for protest instead of simply not showing up, LGBT filmmakers march on Cinemark Theatres in Park City, Utah to protest the CEO’s decision to support Prop. 8. The film industry is to caught up in figuring out its place in an uncertain economic future to notice.

Anderson Cooper Comes Out, Finally
Look, the guy is calling Kathy Griffin, “honey” on national television. It’s gonna happen.

New Jersey Passes Same-Sex Marriage Law
The Garden State drops civil unions in favor of full marriage thanks to a supportive governor, widespread public support and a report issued last year which told the state that even under civil unions, gay Jersyites were not enjoying equal protection under the law

California Supreme Court Overturns Proposition 8, Orders State to Review Ballot Initiative Process
It’s a long shot, but when the court convenes in March to settle the lawsuits filed by the No on 8 campaign against Prop. 8, we think, hope and pray the California Supreme Court will come to the conclusion that the rights of a minority can not be put in the hands of the majority.

Parade of Hot, Sexy Athletes Make Summer Sizzle
The Outgames comes to Copenhagen in July, giving Queerty plenty of opportunity to cover its two favorite things: pageantry and hot men.

Sean Penn Wins Oscar for Milk
But the movie fails to get a nod at Best Picture or Best Director, raising the whole “straights playing gays” debate to a new level of fury.

Memphis Reaches Out to Transgender Community
With three transgendered women killed in Memphis in one year (the most recent, Leeneshia Edwards was shot and killed Dec. 31st), Memphis realizes that it has to do something to stop the epidemic of violence being committed against homeless transgendered people in their town. The resulting dialogue and decision to create work programs specifically geared towards transgendered people becomes a model used across the country.

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  • Wolf

    I like it…..

    But you left out “Mormon Church’s Tax Exempt Status Revolked”

  • PearlsBeforeSwine

    Don’t forget “DC Council Enacts Gay Marriage Provision, Sparks Nationwide Backlash”.

  • tallskin

    My predictions for 2009:

    The islamic republic of Iran will hang more gays.

    The muslim world will continue to unite in opposition to pressure from the West (ie the civilised world, not including the USA) to legalise gay sex world wide.

    More gays will flee from the muslim controlled areas around Izrael and take refuge in Izrael.

    More gays will be murdered by muslims in Iraq.

    Egypt will arrest and persecute more gays.

    Indonesia will continue to crack down on gays.

    I could go on and on and on, but it really is too depressing.

  • Landon Bryce

    Racist Gay Obama Supporters Finally Give Up

    In July of 2009, when Barack Obama makes his first major policy concession to anti-gay bigots, it becomes possible for gays to criticize the president without being branded racists. Jasmyne Cannick’s head actually explodes.

  • Nathan

    Ha! You have never been to Memphis obviously if you’re making predictions like that. The crime rate here is through the roof. 2nd in the nation I believe – having been 1st for a few years prior. This city is completely backwards. Honestly, the murder of a few transgendered citizens of this dreadful city might be news elsewhere because of the nature of the crime, but here they’re just another number in a growing pile of victims. Sad.

  • BrianPrince

    Anderson Cooper is the hottest man to ever grace the screen.

    I’ve thought for quite some time that his white hair came from biting the pillow a bit too hard.

  • mark

    I think the biggest story could be in June when we gather in our biggest number, if CA Supreme Court decides to let prop 8 stand, or even tries to deny expo facto, and dissolve the 18,000 marriages.
    THE SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN, and the anger will go directly at SALT LAKE CITY, by the hundreds of thousands.

    I hope Sean Penn wins for Harvey Milk role, and MILK should get BEST PICTURE too. As for Anderson Cooper, it’s already the WORST kept secret on the planet….if you want to be closeted Anderson, YOU SHOULD DO IT BETTER!

  • MadProfessah

    @BrianPrince: This comment literally made me laugh out loud.

    I do agree that Anderson will (ans should) come out in 2009. I also think that the Cal Supremes will overturn Prop 8, but Penn will not win the Oscar–he’s in a tough fight with Mickey Rourke!

  • Jeff

    I predict that absolutely nothing will change because we are a christian country and not everyone thinks like you freaks in Hollywood and N.Y. I know that’s hard for you to accept but it is true. It does not matter who you put in the White House, the majority of the people in our country does not tolerate your lifestyle.

  • Lost

    @ Jeff

    Go suck a dick.

    Love from New York Fuckin’ City

  • Marky Mark

    Well it that precious… a dimwitted hetero from middul AMURIKA found Queerty and decided to grace us with with his/her/it’s thoughts. Bitch you need to stop doing the meth and come out and see us “freaks” and our cities before you embarrass yourself further. Now go back to the Fox News blogs and turn up your radio…. Hannity and Limbaugh have some more brainwashin’ to do on ya!

  • Ohyou


    ikr? we need to exterminate those savages and put in place some real values.


    meh C+ troll. Japhy (whether intentionally or not) does 3 times better daily.

    @Landon Bryce:



    Why does everyone find the ancient Irish midget so hot? He’s ugly small and scary looking. no ty.

  • Bruno


    It won’t be a “Christian country” for long if you “Christians” keep persecuting minorities and generally acting like mush-brained nutbags. In case you hadn’t noticed, the backlash against you types has been gaining steam within your own religious communities for quite some time now. Ask Anita Bryant how her career worked out for her.

  • Nitesurf

    Anderson has never really ‘denied’ he was gay, he just doesn’t talk about it.

  • Nick

    Michael W. will provide us with more veiled (or not) racist commentary.

  • Keith


    I’m an atheist and can assure you this; the age of enlightenment is upon us and our numbers are growing. I’m in Florida—this ain’t about NY and Hollywood.

    Gay people aren’t the only ones who frequent this site—real Americans could give a damn about who is in the white house. Obama is not going to change America, we are. Hell he hasn’t even figured out that Jesus isn’t real yet and his mother was an atheist—and he went to HARVARD…HARVARD????!!!

    How about you take your little mind somewhere and blow it!

    fucking Jesus-Zombie

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Barack Obama is the new Republican President (as far as Gay Rights) It’s as if someone touched his ass on the basketball court. His lame-ass inauguration will be overshadowed by War in Israel which Bush already will have declared against the Middle East (for Iran’s pipeline) so Gas Prices will be $6.66 per gallon and Sarah Palin will be the next Prez.

    Economic and political pressure forces Sundance to consider a neighboring state: Colorado (and no-one in Hollywood notices!)

    Anderson Cooper is seen at a gay bar (again!) but this time TMZ want in! Don’t f*ck with the Vanderbilts!

    New Jersey and New York exchange progressive values as the Dems screw themselves trolling for Republican votes. Gay Marriage in New York becomes an official policy to get elected but never enacted to the relief of Democrats.

    AGREE: California Supreme Court Overturns Proposition 8, Orders State to Review Ballot Initiative Process

    Outgames will have more financial woes but you can buy a rainbow flag and clogs all in one! New events will be “How to dodge Police Brutality” and “Out-distance running oxycontin-selling teen gangs.”

    Sean Penn will not win for Milk as there will be a moral backlash to his sleazy lifestyle pre-AIDS and Frank Langella will win for nailing Nixon as the true villian we loved to hate. Mickey Rourke will get Terrence Howardized and someone will shout “This is Bullsh*t!” until someone recognizes that it is the Mickey himself! BTW – Meryl will win for Doubt, no doubt!

    Obviously you haven’t been to Memphis! Then there are 3 Gay African-Americans slain in New Orleans, a lesbian gang-raped in Richmond, California, an Ecuadorian immigrant killed in Queens, New York and this will be known as the “Year of the Anti-Gay!” thanks to Obama and all of the anti-gay rhetoric on African-American conservative radio, newspapers and churches and we will have been caught blind-sided by our own ignorance as the bodies pile up across America.

    Of good news, there may be a breakthrough in an AIDS vaccine (Gotta have Hope when there’s little Change)


  • seitan-on-a-stick

    I should also mention the third Trans person murdered in Memphis on New Year’s Eve, too. I like to include the word Person so we know that it’s MURDER!

  • mark

    Cure for a Christian Nation…..more lions

  • mark

    Sundance is building a $400 Million film studio in Utah they aren’t leaving.
    they may be sitting in a big empty studio, making films no queer will buy a ticket to….but sh*t happens.

    btw GLAAD, having a Queer Lounge and filling a Queer Lounge…two very different things, I hope it flops BIGTIME!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Thnx Mark but does anyone remember Enron Stadium? Names change with corporate takeovers and our skidding downward towards the second Great GOP Depression (Last piece of the puzzle is Massive Unemployment). Park City is just a ruse to build Mitt Romney’s Utah Anti-White House. The Mormons run US Government and want to takeover Hollywood and deliver the American Third Reich Message since the Stonemasons died from the Common Cold…or the indigenous populations (I forget which). Hollywood gets nervous when they are seen as bigoted and no-one wants Bad Hair. Now that we have an African-American President, Gays will hopefully be the Cause Celeb since we are under siege!

    Fuck O’Bummer who hates Gays!

  • Desktop_Icon


    I’m not anti-Christian, just Pro-Lion.

  • The Gay Numbers

    I predict that I will find the financing for my first feature this year.

  • Leland Frances

    Nitesurf will grow another year older, uglier, and even more of a pathetic Plantation Pansy waiting for Porch Faggots like Anderson Cooper to call him.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    I second lost’s comment.

    Oh, and how cum you’re perusing a gay web site? Huh?

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Mark, thnx for the right Eve! It’s all about EVE!

    It’s always Malia! Malia! Malia!

    By the time I finish typing this, another Gay Person may have been murdered in the YEAR OF THE ANTI-GAY!


  • Ms. LaReina

    Anderson’s mildmannered but I bet he could kick your gluteus, hater…

    I predict those who dislike Obama will look everywhere to find a chink in his armor and will eventually make something of the fact that a certain Miss DelBarrio helped him during the election.

    I also predict it will get all over the straight news and be COMPLETELY ignored by Logo.

  • caka

    Yes, I saw a similar post on a Herpes community site” STDpal,com:, Many people here are talking about it

  • Nickthekick

    O.K., so in this 1 case…I know a guy who dated Anderson. Said he was kind of stressful about EVERYTHING. Told me, “Anderson NEVER is completely nude at the gym, cause he thinks someone will post his cock pic on line”

    Regarding Jeff,
    Reminds me of the good Rev. Ted Haggered. Preached hatred of homo’s, and enjoyed his own meth fueled romps with a Gay hooker. Hey Jeff, don’t worry. You too will find a nice young man to setting down with. Get a dog. Enjoy duel incomes, no kids.

  • tavdy79


    “I’ve thought for quite some time that his white hair came from biting the pillow a bit too hard.”

    Anderson Cooper just got a fabulously appropriate new nickname: the silver dish.

  • Jon

    @Jeff: Ahh Jeff. Why id it that the Neocon bigots think about gay sex more than gay people do? Repress much?

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Mark, please correct me fully: The two Ecuadorian immigrant brothers, one of which was killed, were in Bushwick, Brooklyn and not Queens, New York. It’s on the border but the shocker is that Bushwick was supposed to be the “Next Big Gay ‘Hood”. The 4 African-American murderers have not been caught yet but thanks to Queens/Brooklyn/Manhattan House Representative Nydia Velazquez for her mobilization against HATE who should be our new Junior Senator, not Princess Kennedy.

  • Bubba6

    @ Jeff

    Uhm, I live in a small Texas town, pop. about 12,000 – I am NOT a christian and if you will notice, your religion is dying off.

    The ones who still cling to their bible are just being louder because they see whats happening. Your organization has been the most evil in the history of the world, the general population is starting to realize this.

    I am not Anti Christ, just Anti Christian.

    Go Lions!

  • Ralph

    I’m a girl. I’m not gay, though have, like the many of you, supspected (a-hem, KNOWN) Anderson Cooper is a gay man. How could the son of Gloria Vanderbilt not be? Not to mention the obvious facts outlined in the many above posts.

    That said, why should he “come out”? I don’t understand why his sexuality, passions, secrets, lifestyle… are anyone’s business. I’m not meaning to be a meanie (I’m actually pretty nice), though I don’t understand why AC’s leap out of the closet would be – could be – anything for/to anyone(?). Is it to bring more recognition to the community, or?

    I kind of like that he keeps his life so private. It is very mysterious and provocative… and don’t you like him better that way? Isn’t that part of the charm and seduction of his being?

    Just thoughts… thanks for hearing me out.
    For whatever it is worth I *love* you all!

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