What Are The Big Gay Stories of 2009?

It’s a brand new year and it’s easy to imagine that it stands before us like a bright, shiny tabula rasa full of opportunity and hope. Ha, ha! Just kidding. Your fate’s already been sealed and the calendar’s marked with a year’s worth of fun activities likely to anger, inspire and reshape the face of the gay community. Here’s the biggest headlines of the upcoming year, at you today:

Barack Obama Becomes President, Gets Homophobic Bigot to Preside over Inauguration
Obama’s decision to have Rev. Rick Warren officiate his inauguration draws boos and heckles from some in the inauguration crowd, but Rev. Warren uses the moment to address the controversy over his inclusion directly, apologizing for those he offended and invoking the phrase “more perfect union.” It’s not enough to appease LGBT activists, but enough to put the issue to rest for mainstream America.

Sundance Boycott Fizzles, But Cinemark Theatres Singled Out
Choosing to use Sundance as a platform for protest instead of simply not showing up, LGBT filmmakers march on Cinemark Theatres in Park City, Utah to protest the CEO’s decision to support Prop. 8. The film industry is to caught up in figuring out its place in an uncertain economic future to notice.

Anderson Cooper Comes Out, Finally
Look, the guy is calling Kathy Griffin, “honey” on national television. It’s gonna happen.

New Jersey Passes Same-Sex Marriage Law
The Garden State drops civil unions in favor of full marriage thanks to a supportive governor, widespread public support and a report issued last year which told the state that even under civil unions, gay Jersyites were not enjoying equal protection under the law

California Supreme Court Overturns Proposition 8, Orders State to Review Ballot Initiative Process
It’s a long shot, but when the court convenes in March to settle the lawsuits filed by the No on 8 campaign against Prop. 8, we think, hope and pray the California Supreme Court will come to the conclusion that the rights of a minority can not be put in the hands of the majority.

Parade of Hot, Sexy Athletes Make Summer Sizzle
The Outgames comes to Copenhagen in July, giving Queerty plenty of opportunity to cover its two favorite things: pageantry and hot men.

Sean Penn Wins Oscar for Milk
But the movie fails to get a nod at Best Picture or Best Director, raising the whole “straights playing gays” debate to a new level of fury.

Memphis Reaches Out to Transgender Community
With three transgendered women killed in Memphis in one year (the most recent, Leeneshia Edwards was shot and killed Dec. 31st), Memphis realizes that it has to do something to stop the epidemic of violence being committed against homeless transgendered people in their town. The resulting dialogue and decision to create work programs specifically geared towards transgendered people becomes a model used across the country.