What Baskit Got Right About Selling Underwear To Gay Men

Remember back, in like the 90s or something, when Calvin Klein found the secret to selling men’s underwear was to turn the entire practice into one big experiment in selling sex? Yes, I’m talking about that Marky Mark thing. And while Calvin hasn’t let up (see: Kellan Lutz), the brand has been usurped by other labels like 2(x)ist who play even more to gay men’s stereotypical senses. But even with CK’s cheeky “Do you want to see my dick?” video to push its latest underwear brand, the label Baskit seems to know where the market is heading. With a new campaign from rugby player-cum-model Nick Youngquest, Baskit is continuing the trend of letting straight guys pitch drawers to gay customers. But now it’s turned the entire endeavor into one giant opus of masculine sexuality (even if the video does manage to misspell his name in a title card), where wearing a certain underwear line is no longer just about looking sexy and feeling confident, but identifying with the model showing off the goods. It certainly helps, though, that Baskit chose a model who, while straight, is among the most publicly gay-friendly athletes out there.