What Closet? These Guys Never Had To Come Out


For some, coming out is a long, drawn-out process, fraught with tears, adrenaline and immense relief.

And then there are these guys, who share their wonderfully no-frills experiences on Whisper:

I never had to come out to my friends or parents. They sorta just knew and went along with it like it was normal.

I never had to come out of the closet. I was always very obviously gay... loud and proud since I was a child.

I never had to come out. I just let everyone figure it out on their own.

I never had to come out really. My mom said "you and him are more than friends right?" I said yes and it was over. All that stress for nothing!

I never came out as gay. I feel my sexual orientation is nobody

I never "came out." Everyone pretty much got the message when they saw me making out with my boyfriend. ??

I never came out to my parents, but they ordered a male stripper on my birthday and said "just sit down and enjoy this."

I never "came out". I guess it was always just understood. I wonder how many people I shocked along the way though. I don

My parents know i

I never came out, I just kind of brought a guy home one day and my parents were completely chill about it.

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I never came out to my family. They would have had to fake surprise lol

I love how I never had to come out to my family. I just introduced my boyfriend and everyone accepted that it was a normal thing for me.

I never had to come out to my family. They just assumed and went along with it. There was never any question.

My best friends sat me down one day and told me I was gay. didn

I never had to come out because I was always comfortable being myself around everyone and I know they still love me.

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I never officially came out to my family. Everyone just accepted it and never spoke about it. I feel like someone opened the closet for me and continued vacuuming or something.