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What Did Julie Andrews Really Think Of Lady Gaga’s Tribute?

Julie-Andrews-Oscars-2015I’d been a fan, but I’d never actually met her. Ten days before, she called and said, ‘I just want to be very sure that you’re OK with this, that I’m not offending in any way.’ I said, ‘Are you kidding? Go for it. Enjoy it.’ We met face-to-face 45 seconds before we went on stage, so my actual first contact with her was when I walked on stage and gave her a hug. I subsequently spoke to her. We chatted for about 25 minutes. She sang very, very well. I was a fan, and now I’ve made a new friend… She did say, ‘It’s probably the biggest thing I’ve ever done.’ And so brave, in front of that audience to take that gamble. She worked very, very hard on it. I thought making that herculean effort and then handing it to me on a golden platter and walking off stage was amazingly generous. I’m the lucky lady that was asked to be in that great film. I never cease to be grateful, really.”


Julie Andrews discussing Lady Gaga‘s Academy Awards tribute to The Sound Of Music, which premiered 50 years ago and will be lavishly re-premiered tonight in Hollywood, in a new interview with Los Angeles Times

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