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What Did Julie Andrews Really Think Of Lady Gaga’s Tribute?

Julie-Andrews-Oscars-2015I’d been a fan, but I’d never actually met her. Ten days before, she called and said, ‘I just want to be very sure that you’re OK with this, that I’m not offending in any way.’ I said, ‘Are you kidding? Go for it. Enjoy it.’ We met face-to-face 45 seconds before we went on stage, so my actual first contact with her was when I walked on stage and gave her a hug. I subsequently spoke to her. We chatted for about 25 minutes. She sang very, very well. I was a fan, and now I’ve made a new friend… She did say, ‘It’s probably the biggest thing I’ve ever done.’ And so brave, in front of that audience to take that gamble. She worked very, very hard on it. I thought making that herculean effort and then handing it to me on a golden platter and walking off stage was amazingly generous. I’m the lucky lady that was asked to be in that great film. I never cease to be grateful, really.”


Julie Andrews discussing Lady Gaga’s Academy Awards tribute to The Sound Of Music, which premiered 50 years ago and will be lavishly re-premiered tonight in Hollywood, in a new interview with Los Angeles Times

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  • rand503

    What a class act.

  • Desert Boy

    Julie Andrew is a national treasure. She’s one classy Dame and I adore her.

  • Jordan Lee

    Total class, both ladies!


    “That herculean effort”

    More like “Herculaneum effort” — total destruction of cultural landmark.

    “EFFORT” being the key word.

  • magimack

    Let’s be real here. She hates her. She hates everything about her. She hated every second of that song and she wanted to bite it’s head off when that thing dared to hug her afterwarts. This woman, the wonderful Julie Andrews, is from the old Hollywood. She is a real lady and she is gifted, she made a mark in history, she has grace. To her Lay Gaga, the delightful in her own unique ways, talented and completely insane Lady Gaga, must be like watching a drag queen on LSD sexually assault a trashcan live on television. She’s smiling and telling everyone how they’re now close friends who write each other letters and speak about what’s important in life, but Julie Andrews beat a guy to death with his iPhone backstage while Gaga was singing.

  • jwtraveler

    I loved it.
    If Julie approves, that’s the last word.


    Gaga’s Maria would’ve had the Von Trapps happily surrender to the Gestapo

  • Ralph Vendegna

    Love Julie Andrews and Lady Gaga. 2 Magnificent women.

  • IvanPH


  • [email protected]

    Ms Andrews just gave s master class in grace.

  • Alan down in Florida

    @magimack: Where do you get your authority as to Julie Andrews’ inner thoughts? When was the last time the two of you BFFs sat down for tea together?

    You could stand to take a few lessons in the art of being graceful.

  • petensfo

    Well, I didn’t care for it much, even if Julie Andrews did… and that’s a big “if.”

    It was a departure from her usual style, interesting enough, but Andrews was a child prodigy & she could really never measure up to that. And when she raised those arms and showed those not even attractive tatoos, ugh… it was over.

  • technicolornina

    True class: Knowing someone didn’t measure up to what they wanted to do, but appreciating that they tried, that they wanted your approval and go-ahead because your role was so iconic, and saying “I’m proud of the courage and the effort” instead of “wow, she sucked.”

  • Chris

    Andrews had the “benefit” of multiple takes and careful edits to create the iconic scenes that she did. The DO-RE-MI, where Andrews ended by gliding up an extra octave because she could, was lip synced to a voice recording of her and the rest of the cast.

    Gaga did it live, one take, and in the same keys as did Andrews.

    It was a dual show of class. Andrews acknowledged Gaga and Gaga, in turn, ceded the stage to Andrews.

    I’ll take Andrews at her word that they spoke for 25 minutes or more and now she (Andrews) feels that that she has made a new friend. I just don’t understand so many of the mean-spirited comments posted about Gaga’s performance.

  • magimack

    @Alan down in Florida: Dude, it was a joke. I like and respect both of them and I think Gaga sang it beautifully, but as a song. When Andrews sang it, there was something more. But nobody expected Gaga to achieve that and she nailed it her way and impressed a lot of people. They’re not comparable, they are very different kinds of women and different kinds of talent.
    We good?

  • Mark Jenkins

    @magimack: Where the hell do you get off?!!!-Joke or not- don’t post that kind of crap- it’s not warranted or appreciated and certainly won’t make you any friends or admirers,a little negative attention goes a long way- Think about it.Now go stand in a corner.

  • Preston

    @Mark Jenkins: Speak for yourself, I admire his sense of humor. Don’t get your panties in a wad.

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