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What Do Americans + Israelis Have in Common? Hatred for the Homos


Great news, kiddos: Demanding the persecution of homosexuals is not a uniquely American problem!

Sure, Pastor Steven Anderson, who found a home at the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Ariz., was just overheard calling for our execution. And with cutesy lines like: “The same God who instituted the death penalty for murders is the same god who instituted the death penalty for rapists and for homosexuals, sodomites and queers.” Even though we’re pretty sure it was man who created, and carries out, the death penalty, but that’s neither here nor there.

Especially when, over in the Holy Land, an anonymous letter is circulating the Israeli interwebs demanding the proprietors of the Tel Aviv Gay and Lesbian Association, where two were murdered and a dozen injured earlier this month, face criminal charges. For what? For “the acts they carried out on minors behind the walls of that club of perversion.” The letter’s author adds: “Many citizens are sick of this depraved behavior that lacks any moral boundaries, and expect the authorities to prosecute the managers of the club for the crimes they have carried out.”

Are they alleging club organizers somehow mistreated the youth members in some sick sexual fantasy brought to life? Or the mere fact that gays are involved demands the attention of the police?

Always (disturbingly) amusing when one group of people persecuted throughout history (the Jews) call for the heads of another oppressed group (the gays). Can’t we all have some Manischewitz and get along?

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  • edgyguy1426

    (cue) Brian I wonder what basis of the Israeli hatred stems from. Anybody?

  • AlwaysGay

    Wherever heterosexuals live anti-gay bigotry resides. Anti-gay bigotry is a manifestation of heterosexuality. The foundation of heterosexuality is social hierarchies.

  • robert

    Its all rooted in the judeo-christian and islamic cults. Had these cults never existed, the world I think would be a far better place. They’ve infected the world with their hate and fear mongering, and that’s never going to change. Look at the devil wearing Prada rottweiler in the Vatican, one of the most vicious bastards walking the earth.

  • Dave

    I say we have some giganitc pink EasyBake ovens sent to Israel so that they are reminded of what their people have gone through just because they were different and that the only reason Israel exists is because of the that.

  • raf

    So an anonymous e-mail proves that all Israelis hate gay people?

  • Xul Zepp

    Dear Queerty…. FUCK YOU!

    I am Jewish and I have been to Israel numerous times. Israel is one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world! You dumb queens know nothing about anything. This blog proves dangerous as it is spewing lies and disinformation. Tel Aviv is a gay mecca. Jerusalem, while a very religious city, also has its share of gay life. The only reason Israel does not have same-sex marriage is because the Orthodox Jewish Temple (which makes up a minority of Jews) bans it. Even conservative Jews acknowledge homosexuality as legitimate.

    For Queerty to make a headline like that to me is slanderous and surprised why they are not sued for libel. Next time you want to bash the state of Israel why don’t you do some fact-checking.

    Till then, go back to barebacking on Castro Street with your favorite leather daddies of the week at the Folsom Street Fair while you draw scribbles on faces of celebrities. Whoever wrote this propagandist garbage is a scumbag and eats where they shit. This “blog” is nothing but Perez 2.0!

  • Arik

    @Xul Zepp : Right on!

    I have lived in Israel before and I’ve always felt safer over there than in this country. I’ve held hands with my bf before in public with no problems. The only reason this news story is such a big deal is the gay community in Israel has never experienced something of this magnitude before. Israel just doesn’t really have street crime period. Most of the country’s problems lay in terrorism and regional conflicts. Gays in the holy land serve openly in the military (unlike the U.S.), gays in Israel can have their marriages performed abroad recognized (unlike the U.S.)and gays in Israel have made all kinds of inroads in government and entertainment sectors. And Israel in the 1990’s passed some of the most strictest anti-discrimination and harassment laws in the world to protect the GLTB community.

    Furthermore one only needs to spend a few hours in that country to realize how gay the culture is. Watch all straight Israeli males sporting tight-fitted designer jeans sans pockets in the back. The country is so militarized that there’s a macho Israeli vibe that comes across as very gay indeed.
    So don’t tell me that Israeli Jews are ignorant homophobes. And please refrain from making generalizations of a culture you know little about.

  • No Homophobama

    Of the three Abrahamic faiths, Jews are by far the LEAST homophobic. Yes, there are some very extreme people in Israel. But they do not discriminate against LGBT people in the military and compared to Islam and Christianity are far less homophobic.

    Hateful people everywhere. With the exception of Obama’s personal right hand homophobe Rahm Emmanuel, I cannot think of I single gay hating Jew.

    Just sayin’.

  • Brian

    It’s very simple: the “hatred” of gays comes ONLY from Religion. Pick one, any one – they all define homosexuals as “wrong, sinful and deviant.” We have allowed religion to define us. Until we take a stand against that we will never be equal.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Unless you are a gay activist in Israel, I am uninterested on whether or not you have been to Israel or are Jewish. The activists there say there is a problem. I am going to tend to believe them and the hate incidents over the random post by apologists here.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Brian: Not all religions view homosexuality the same. You are principly refering the the Abrahamic religions, which has started to influence those other relgions as well. For example, several religion until the last 50 years had nothing to say on homosexuality, but then cultural norms were changed due to the heavy colonization by Muslims and Christians. Judiasm not being a religion that tries to spead it face went unnoticed. But since it comes from the same source- it is also the generator of anti-gay beliefs. I believe the core problem with face in understand what’s happened with religion is not religion but in specific religons and their doctrines. Most of which is actually cultural norms, and not just doctrines of the faith.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @No Homophobama: This is bullshit. Sorry it just is. It is counter to what activists there are saying. I am going to trust them over you.

  • M Shane

    I will venture one guess about Israel and gays, and , despite my feelings about the plight of the Palastinians and the sad conflict there, I tend to doubt much of any prejudice against gays. I have known and talked to a number of people from Israel and they are Israeli’s first , not a religious colony. I think that most people would besuprizedat how much more advanced in every respect they are over America socially. They have Education, Healthcare.,cooperation between people instead of conflict -Their ethics strick me as being a large degree a product of being a byproduct of WW2 and very esoteric re life generally.

  • M Shane

    sorry about the misspelling I think much faster than I can write or type.

  • spindoc

    Before Queerty makes comments like “Always (disturbingly) amusing when one group of people persecuted throughout history (the Jews) call for the heads of another oppressed group (the gays). Can’t we all have some Manischewitz and get along?”

    You should remember that Israel allows gays to serve in the military, Common law gay marriages, and Gay marriages performed in other countries are recognized there, gays also have full adoption rights there. So sure, there are nutbags there that hate gays too, but remember, not only does it have more rights for gays than the U.S. but it is by far the most gay friendly country in it’s section of the world., Gay Palestinians and gay Arabs will actually flee to ISrael for safety.

  • Mark Philly

    In order to hate homosexuals you must have religion in your mind.

  • alan brickman

    Israel is very gay friendly..don’t blame Isareal…

  • WestCanuck

    These are the results when the Pew Forum asked thousands of Americans whether “society should accept or discourage homosexuality as a way of life”:

    Jews …………………………………………………………79%
    Secular …………………………………………………75%
    Catholics ……………………………………………58%
    Mainline Protestants ………………55%
    Total U.S. population ……………50%
    Muslims …………………………………………………27%
    White evangelicals ……………………26%

  • dgz

    @Mark Philly: hmmm. tell that to Stalin.

  • Brian

    @The Gay Numbers: Which RELIGIONS declare that homosexuality is not wrong? Certainly not Judaism, Muslims or Christians.

  • Brian

    @WestCanuck: That’s “accept” not un-wrong homosexuals. But, it is encouraging if we take a stand against religion and then ask people to choose Equality OR Religion.

    I think MOST people value equality more than ancient superstitions.

  • Xul Zepp

    @The Gay Numbers: With all due respect, you are a moron. I know more people from Israel than you can count. In Israel, they don’t see gay. They do not acknowledge people as heterosexual or homosexual. Indeed Tel Aviv is so progressive that you will see many gay couples holding hands down the street with harassment… You know kind of like what I see every time I go there.

    As an American who has traveled the world, I felt more welcome in Israel as a gay man than any place in the world (except Sitges, Spain). Quit falling for Queerty’s phony outrage.

    EVEN IN THE RURAL PLACES THE ISRAELIS ARE GAY FRIENDLY!!!! I stayed at three different Kibbutzes (Israeli communes) in some of the most random areas. The people there were extremely welcoming and warming. In fact, many of these people were the same ones making bullets to fight in the battles. If THOSE people can welcome in gays, than I think I’ve made my point.


  • Xul Zepp

    @Xul Zepp: Without** harassment

  • Xul Zepp

    @The Gay Numbers: Okay… Where are the activists? Let’s hear it. Where are these so-called activists telling you this?

  • Smiley Barry

    @Arik: True!

    Queerty, stop picking on us already! We are NOT homophobic! I’ve been out of the closet as a gay teen for over 6 months and have not heard ONE homophobic comment when holding hands with my boyfriend in the streets, kissing him in public or expressing my gayness in public. Not ONE comment, stare, look or even micro-gesture. NOTHING.

    There are also emails circulating saying there’s a cell phone virus which will make your phone explode. Do you see any blogs writing about that? No. Why? Because it’s false.

  • Brian

    @Smiley Barry: RELIGION = HOMOPHOBIC

    Israel is NOT religious? Jesus Christ – you must be kidding! Look it up. Israel is +50% religious.

    You can only make your “not homophobic” claim when you are without religion, like Sweden or Norway.

  • Smiley Barry

    @Brian: Israel is +50% secular. Check your sources.

    Also, the remainder of religion people are half-orthodox and half-traditional. And according to polls, only 40% of traditional Jews in Israel are homophobic. And I personally know religious Jews who are not homophobic, and homophobes who are not such because of religion. I even know gay Jews who are religious!

    Brian, double-check your sources first before questioning others’.

  • Brian

    @Smiley Barry: 50% believe religion is important (GALLUP) which is why you have homophobes and hate crimes. When you are without religion, you will be without homophobia. It’s that simple.

    Look at the Gallup studies. You’ll find them interesting. Even for a half-Jew.

  • CHIP


    The Soviet Union did not allow religion to be practiced in the open, and their leadership and society was quite homophobic, more so than the USA.

    The unfortunate truth is when you have humanity, a minority group will be prejudiced against. Doesn’t matter what type of minority, someone will choose who to demonize.

  • Brian

    @CHIP: The unfortunate truth is when you have humanity, a minority group will be prejudiced against. Doesn’t matter what type of minority, someone will choose who to demonize.

    There is no factual basis for that statement.

    The problem is religion plants the seed that homosexuals are wrong – nothing else does. Humanity doesn’t simply pick a minority group to pick on. Remember the Bible devalued Blacks and Women and endorsed (even promoted) slavery. It’s this “moral approval” that hurts the most. It’s also why gay teens commit suicide.

    Deaf and blind people are a “minority.” Tell me, when will the demonizing begin? Oh, wait they are not condemned by Religion.

  • Andrew

    @Brian: When do we start demonizing “fit” people? I’m in that “minority” group and you have me concerned. Shall I expect groups of fat people chasing me around? I’d love to see that. It would be a good development for our healthcare problems….

    … catch me if you can.

  • Chance

    Just because the dictators in charge tell you not to have religious beliefs doesn’t mean they suddenly comply. Try to tell that to the generations of back and forth Catholic/Protestant England. “Uh oh, the Queen died. Time to put the rosary back in the attic.” Not much done there to change hearts and minds. Just a bureaucratic decision. Before communism, Islam and Orthodox Christianity were all the rage. You think all that disappeared with a single government proclamation?

    The Pre-Stalinist Soviet Union, however, had no official problem with homosexuality. Stalin did. And Stalin enforced a replacement to the church, a sort of state religion centered around himself. Russia’s long history of Christian anti-gay bigotry would be pretty easily co-opted from one sanctioned belief system to another, into a society intent on controlling sperm to breed armies.

  • M Shane

    No. 32 · Chance: The social theory behind conserving sperm & egs for maximum breeding otetial , as it was elaborated by Focault , and I think makes sense was not a notion developed so much for building armies as it was one for economic advancement, more useful in industrial countries especially fascist nations where the impulse for government to control reproduction was backed by religious fervor i.e. in Franco’s Spain and Nazi Germany, Pinochets Chili etc. where capitalism was the driving force.

    Notice that in modern secular Socialized countrie there is not that kind of impulse and in countries like modern Spain, France , and Canada, even in Cuba.there is considerable tolerance.

  • M Shane

    p.s Stalin didn’t have even faintly the degree of imperialistic amibition as the U.S., while we don’t need worlker, having outsourced everything, we do need armies, unless we continue to rely on private armies like Blakewater to do our dirty work. Sort of expains the coordination of patriotism and
    family values, huh?

  • Xul Zepp

    @M Shane: America has the highest corporate tax rate of the developed world at 35%. But of course all the dumb liberals who keep getting angry that our jobs are moving overseas keep raising those taxes to stop the “evil corporations” who provide the most jobs at home. If you want those jobs to come back, stop taxing corporations to death. Why else do you think we have so many LLCs now? Its because nobody wants to pay ridiculous tax rates.

  • M Shane

    No. 35 · Xul Zepp: I hope that you’re not as gullible as you seem to think that I am. The bottom line with free enterprize is always to make the maximum profit for the least output.
    I’m motre than familiar with the wanton destructon that has occured in the wake of Milton Friedman’ since WW2.

    The truth is that the Corporations need to be regulated, globalization nearly abolished and, if anything big corporations taxed more . Unregulated Corporatization has proven itself to be the greatest enemy of democracy.

    Considering the current virtual monopoly that international companies have on what we eat , wear and think, we could easily be taxing them %60 and they would just put it on the consumer.

    BTW have you read Naomi Kleins book “The Shock Doctrine”.?

  • Xul Zepp

    @M Shane: I know all about Naomi Klein… she is right and wrong. She’s right about the government using national disasters to shove an agenda through during the “Rally around the flag” period. However, she is wrong about her beliefs economically.

    I’m a libertarian. I am not defending corporations, I am condemning our tax code.

    That tax code forces companies to outsource. As someone who has worked in the private sector I can tell you that small businesses suffer just even more from the corporate income tax as the multi-national big boys. In the U.S. it kicks in at $18.3M. Now that may seem like a lot at first but that is in fact the operating budget. Most companies making tens of millions don’t have greedy fat cats going home with big paychecks. Instead they are spending a good portion of that money paying their employees, running their business and trying to operate while Obama’s YES WE CAN brigade keeps shouting for higher taxes on corporations without even thinking the consequences.

    As a result of the corporate income tax, companies are FORCED to fire decent employees, offer fewer benefits, and relocate to countries like China and India where the tax rates are far lower. In the end the people who TRULY get hurt are the college graduates looking for decent jobs but then are forced to work in the horrific salesy call centers. Believe it or not free trade has nothing to do with it. Most companies that build high-end goods will produce in the U.S. to avoid high shipping costs.

  • M Shane

    @ you don’t really believe that taxes are what cause people to outsouce, it’s ifinitesimally lower saleries and no benefits.
    I’m not so sure that you’re putting me on as not seeing the whole picture. E.g. While the people running corporations (at the top) make astonishingly high salaries compared to people who attempt to run e.g. small companies, the people who make the outrageous profits are the stock holders. In the U.S.10% of the per capita population earn 50% of the yearly income. Because of the decimation of the graduated income tax, these extremely wealthy pay very little in taxes. Warren Buffet said last year that he paid less taxes than his receptionist ( I’m sure that was %wise). These people are not going to stand by as their CEO’s stop paying $1 a day for fabric workers and instead pay Americans ten or more times as much. People who sit around cashing in on slave labor, cooked books or whatever it takes really don’t care if anything is American made.
    If you read Naomi Klein through or reveiw any of the documentaries out, or related books, you will realise that virtually all of the democracies in So. America that were knoked out and replaced with dictators were done so at the behest of the U.S government in the interest of Corporations that had vested interests there : ATT, Am. Copper.Chili; United fruit; Guatamala etc. Also Iran, Iraq,
    China is one of the only countries that runs on a wide net profit because they use virtual slave labor-and their capitalist system was set up for Jiang by Friedman.

    When Clinton signed Nafta, because he had prearranged to do so with business leaders, we lost 500,000 jobs in the first week.

    I don’t want to bend your ear, but I think you are very gullible about these people, and their lack of scruples.

    Even currently , only 3% of what we use or import is made here, apart from armaments.

  • Xul Zepp

    @M Shane: I never expected to have a philosophical economics debate on QUEERTY of all places just to be clear, but alright…

    I know all about South America. I wrote papers on it. What happened was atrocious and despicable. But again, I am not defending those people. What happened was undemocratic and a complete bastardization of what many REAL capitalist/libertarians believe. Those who use violence to achieve their means are always acting out irrationally and uncivilized.

    South America has every right to be a socialized continent with its own democratically elected leaders. Richard Nixon and Kissinger violated international law by overthrowing Salvador Allende. I have been HIGHLY critical of the Bush and Obama administration for their foreign policy military adventures too. Also, NAFTA has many provisions in it that go against free trade philosophy and give special concessions to certain industries. You can HARDLY call NAFTA free trade as it discriminates against companies in Mexico and Canada and puts heavy favoritism in managed trade.

    That said, free trade has done many wonders for the world. China’s standard of living has skyrocketed in the urban areas. China’s rural areas are more impoverished but that is a problem for the Chinese government to deal with. Look up the Four Asian Tigers. Proof that free trade works!

  • M Shane

    Xul; This is a markedly difficult , nay impossible arena for involved discussions; particularly, as you say , on Queerty. My major problem is that of getting in the way of conversations of others since I think that the initial topic deserves considerably more attention than it’s
    It seems that I’ve underestimated you and you’ve come with loaded guns, indeed.
    The issue with discussing free trade comes precisely with the muddying of what you believe it to be and what has happened in it’s name. Happily you’ve done your homework and should have some intriquing things to say.
    The matter of China and how it became a free economy and it’s current relationship with America is terribly important .
    I wish that I could respond intelligently to the “Four Asian Dragons ” . I certainly will research that, and want to say anything in the meantime. I’m truly pleased to run into someone who reads something other than the internet.

  • OhYeah

    Xul Zepp : Sorry to say there’s more than one self-hating Jew writing the Queerty articles. I’ve seen it before.

  • robert

    @No Homophobama:

    What about the Hassidim then? They don’t hate gays? Are you kidding? When they vote along with other bigots to take away our rights to marry, do you really think that has nothing to do with hate? They don’t want us to have any semblance of equality, they don’t want DADT or DOMA to disappear either. Michael Savage is a notorious gay-hating Jew, so why do you say you don’t know 1? What about Noach Dear of NYC?

  • Fitz

    Anyone who hasn’t been to Israel, or at least had a good long conversation with an Israeli, please STFU.

  • alan brickman


  • Mark Zamen

    The points you raise are valid and the anger you express is justified. It is a sad fact that ignorance and bigotry are alive and well. A large segment of society, both in the U.S. and abroad, still regards gay men and women as second-class citizens – or worse. That is the salient point of my recently released biographical novel, Broken Saint. It is based on my forty-year friendship with a gay man, and chronicles his internal and external struggles as he battles for acceptance (of himself and by others). More information on the book is available at

    Mark Zamen, author

  • Jack Jett

    I am having Pastor Steve Anderson on my radio show this weekend for two segments. If you guys/gals have any questions for him, please email me.

    [email protected]

  • Joanaroo

    Just reading about Steven Anderson on Phoenix New Times WHAT A LOON! He and Hitler would’ve been great friends. To know Like to wish him an eternity in a warm place? Not Tempe! Faithful Word Baptist Church, 2707 W. Southern Ave, Suite # 105, Tempe, AZ 85282.

  • Joanaroo

    Steven Anderson’s website for his Hateful Word church also lists (480) 248-4082 and [email protected]. as contact info. The spineless wuss has probably changed his contact info. by now but he should expect replies to his hate speech.

  • Joanaroo

    Idiots like this right wingnut pastor and the hosts of right-wing radio, TV and internet shows getting people in a hateful frenzy over health care reform, gay rights, immigration, etc. Is going to lead to alot of bloodshed and disaster. There is no sane reason for this hate-baiting.

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