What Do You Call It When 400 Anti-Gay Bishops Descend Upon Uganda For 7 Days of Fun + Sin?

I’m sure the All Africa Bishops Conference in Entebbe, Uganda, is not actually a gay orgy, but what else am I to assume when 400 Anglican bishops from around the continent gather for a seven-day confab at a luxury hotel resort to denounce homosexuality. That’s basically the equivalent of outing yourself these days, no? But Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury whose trying to reach a compromise between gays and the church was there, and he was all badass in that silent preacher way: “As most clergy stood to clap at speeches critical of homosexuality, Archbishop Williams and two aides, who sat in the front row, were the only ones who remained seated.”

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  • Sami

    Except for the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, all of the African Anglican Churches are very homophobic, in particular the Church of Nigeria and the Church of the Province of East Africa.

    They are the ones, with their conservative cousins in the British, North American, and Australasian Anglican Churches that are dividing the entire Communion

    In the 1960s & 70s it used to be the usage of the traditional language of worship (thee, thy, thou) the King James Bible, traditional church music, and the ordination of women that divided the Anglican Churches. Nowadays, its the issue of whether or not to accept homosexuality in general.

    The conservative Anglicans fail to remember that the accidental founder of the Anglican Communion, Henry VIII, couldn’t keep his codpiece in place and had numerous wives put to death because they couldn’t give him a male heir. Adultery and loose morals were at the beginnings of the Anglican Communion, and all these conservatives can condemn is homosexuality!

    Shame on the Archbishop of Canterbury for being too wishy-washy with this issue. Is he for, or against, gay rights in the Anglican Communion? Personally, I see no reason why the Anglican Communion shouldn’t split; the Lutherans have been in various factions for most of their existence, and that hasn’t hurt their relations with one-another too much.

    Sadly, Dr. Williams could have championed GLBT rights, and he just demonstrates the ineffectiveness of a dying Christian Communion by his willingness to compromise and appease, and hope that all may continue to carry on as if nothing is going on.


    If you can check out Tosh.O episode from last night. He had a video of Ugandas own fred phelps, Martin Sessempa giving one of his show and tells about the horrors of homosexuality. Tosh was inserted into the audience and mocked Sessempas demonstration with his own absurd questions……pretty funny stuff


    PS: Wondering who handled all that luggage………… :p

  • Gary B.

    Ah, nothing like an On the Wrong Side of History festival for those desperately clinging to outmoded thinking.

  • horus

    I call it a circle jerk

  • ousslander

    Ugandans having a sale on Ten year olds

  • Bill Perdue

    You call it the Global South cult, wanna be roman cultists.

    Religion is the enemy.

    Religion is a form of insanity composed of equal parts of greed, superstition and ignorance that comes howling straight out of the Dark Ages.

    Religion is humankinds greatest tragedy.

  • cschulten

    @Bill Perdue: beautifully said my friend ;)

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