What Do You Mean We’ll Be “Enthralled” By Levi Johnston’s Playgirl Shoot?


A Playgirl spokesperson says the unnervous Levi Johnston has another couple weeks — until mid-November — to get his body ready to strip down for the camera, “”in order to get the pictures out for the holidays.” Okay fine, but will there be peen? Still no definite answer! “We’re working out the actual details day-by-day, and have come to a very happy conclusion, which we feel readers will be enthralled by.” Enthralled, you say? Well isn’t that a throat-y word.

UPDATE: Oh, there will be frontal? Manager Tank Jones insists there are full frontal photos planned, sans conveniently placed pillows.

UPDATE 2: Maybe Kathy Griffin will be his on-set fluffer? After all, what are baby mama’s for? (Skip to third segment.)