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  • M

    I just assumed all the guys in Amsterdam were gay. You mean to tell me they’re not???


    Mayor Lodewijk Asscher! Damm, I really wish he was an ass, so could have made a snarky comment ’bout his last name……….

    Instead gotta wish his common sense carried across the oceans to some of the Mayors and Police Chiefs in this country who don’t really see Gay or Jew bashing as something that they really need to bother with………..

  • jeffree

    Straight cops going undercover? Ha, reminds me of that old movie called “Cruising” with Al Pacino! I was I think 15 when i found a copy on video and used my aunt’s V C R to watch it!
    Not a great movie ok, but it really really was like a window on a foreign country!
    i know it stirred up hella controversay at the time, but for me it was mindblowing just to see 2 men kiss.

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