What Does Anita Bryant Think About Her Cameo in ‘Milk’?

Gus van Sant’s biopic of the life of Harvey Milk uses archival footage of anti-gay crusader Anita Bryant throughout the film. Wondering what Ms. Bryant thinks about her unauthorized big screen turn E!’s Marc Malkin called her. She wasn’t answering, but her second husband, Charlie Dry said “There are not going to be any interviews with her or us, because it’s not a subject we care to cover. I don’t care if they make a movie about anybody. We’re not going to get back into that battle.” [E!]

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  • Nick

    Well, Anita’s better known for promoting orange juice than for promoting “Milk”…

    Okay, that was corny.

  • CitizenGeek

    Haha, that was awesome Nick!

    I hope Anita Bryant is happy that her only legacy is trying to make life even harder for gay people.

  • Laura Divine

    Anita who ?

  • JJ

    Read her Wikipedia page … it will really make you believe in karma.

  • dan

    I like Anita.

    And Twinkies.

  • Joel

    Second husband? Isn’t there something in their holy book that calls that a sin? Why should we be surprised at even more hypocrisy?

  • porsha

    Isn’t she related to Katherine Harris, the GOP doormat? If not, she should be! Isn’t one of her children gay? Just asking…

  • Charles J. Mueller

    The pie in her face was the best…..

    It really made the point that everyone is accessible and no one is above others. Pity that she had to learn that the hard way by being stripped of being Florida’s “Orange Queen” title.

    Hey, what goes around, comes around. You reap what you sow.

  • James

    It’s very easy to castigate someone like Anita Bryant. The fact is, her activities in Dade County achieved more for the gay rights movemet than any bra burning lesbians ever could as she gave the equal rights movement a focus and galvanized them into action…….you should all have little statutes of her!!
    Also, as a straight man who tires of militant homosexual promotion and the aggressive tactics of self serving idiots like Peter Tatchell, I think sometimes the GLBT community should have a little understanding of people who simply do not like them or have traditional beliefs about marriage and hetrosexuality. Perdonally I am of the live and let live persuasion but if I did not like gay people I would not have a phobia, just an opinion.
    Peace and love x

  • C

    Yeah, you’re a straight dude. You WOULD think that we should just keep quiet and watch our rights being taken away. It’s because of people like you, who think that lgbt people should just accept bigots who want to hate us, that 33 years after Harvey Milk’s assassination, we are STILL trying to get equal marriage rights in the United States. Fuck you and fuck everyone who thinks like you do. I have no understanding for or of bigots and people who want to deny me my rights and treat me like a second class citizen.

  • Jeffree

    We never had any OJ in my house growing up, thanks to Anita Bryant. We all didnt get scurvy (spelling?), because we did have lemonade & Flinstones!

  • Anthony

    “We’re not going to get back into that battle”.

    …probably because you’ve both finally realized that what she stood for was complete bullshit!

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