What, Exactly, Does Amsterdam Mean When It Says Everyone There Is Gay?


Can you imagine a major U.S. city branding all of its inhabitants gay? Just to attract some tourist dollars?

Of course not. But that’s because America is not Holland, and not even New York City or San Francisco is Amsterdam, which is engaged in a giant tourism campaign called “Everyone’s Gay In Amsterdam.” Now, they don’t mean this literally — not every dude in Amsterdam is gonna be willing to take you men around back to, uh, show you the sights. But the campaign pushes the city’s openness and inclusivity, and we’re guessing it’s not ruffling too many feathers around the canals.

You should be seeing print ads in magazines, some online ads, and, we’re hoping, live street demonstrations!

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  • Qjersey

    When I was in Amesterdam, a straight white hetero American who lives there, sat next to us at a cafe and was giving us tips on the gay scene. Can’t get more friendly than that.

  • naprem

    You realise – or perhaps you don’t – that they’re also simply trying to say that everyone’s happy in Amsterdam. Obviously they know the other meaning too, but they’re playing with both.

  • Tuca

    Gosh, how I miss this city

  • Aaron

    I miss Amsterdam too! I went when I was 19 and I will never ever forget my experience. *BIG SMILE*

  • Trisexueel

    This is my hometown.
    I’m made, born, raised & living in Amsterdam.
    We have a city with people who are happy openminded.
    Not judging any other person for her or his sexual interests.
    I’m trisexual i love the best of both worlds.
    I love Transsexuals who have something extra in their thongs.
    To have a nice cosy time with them, and make them feel like the beautiful woman they are.

  • M Shane

    It’d be interestng what the source if Amsterdam liberalism is.
    According to something i read they collaboate with the Nazis extensivekly– to te degre that 120,00 Dutch were prosecuted after the war..

  • V

    @M Shane: You do realize that the war was 50-some years ago, right?

    Germany was obviously Nazi at the time too (duh), but they’ve taken great measures to erradicate that kind of mindset – it’s even illegal to “allude” to Nazi-related thinking, symbols in Germany! They’ve are now a very progressive and inclusive-minded country – I doubt that Amsterdam would be much differentnowadays!

    Stop living in the past with outdated labels.

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