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What, Exactly, Does the Log Cabin Republicans’ Dallas Chapter Do At Meetings?

Log Cabin rarely delves in gay rights issues at chapter meetings …

—Actual line in an email from the Dallas chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, which generally hosts “like-minded people at our monthly dinner meetings on the fourth Monday of the month. We meet at Mattito’s Cafe Mexicano at 3011 Routh (n.w. corner of Cedar Springs) for a 6:30pm Happy Hour and 7:00pm Dinner and Program.” So they discuss … drink specials? [via]

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  • christopher di spirito

    A circle jerk while looking at a picture of George W. Bush???


    @christopher di spirito: Thanks for nothing! That absolutley scary image is now permantly etched into my brain…….. :p

    “Log Cabin rarely delves in gay rights issues at chapter meetings” The circle of hell that Christopher D. refers to above makes more sense than them delving into Gay rights issues because they obviously don’t give a rats ass about Gay issues by attempting to hitch their feeble wagon to the repugnatican party

  • Greg

    It’s a networking/hookup organization.

    I briefly dated a Dallas Log Cabin guy once. From what he told me, I gathered that it was a good place to meet other gays who also wanted to be perceived as affluent and upwardly mobile and who didn’t want to be bogged down with that Debbie Downer Democratic “fair and just society” bullshit.

    I called them the Uncle Tom’s Cabin Republicans and it flew right over his head.

  • L.

    @Greg: Well, he wanted to be perceived as affluent only, and not literate.

  • Greg

    @L: LOL. Yes, the leased BMW and $1500 suits from Neiman Marcus required a whole lot or working with little time left for reading.

  • L.

    @Greg: Exactly. Plus, if you spend $1,500 on suits, you don’t have any money left for… for… er – getting classics of literature for free from Google Books? :)

  • Jack E. Jett

    I’d spit fuck a Dallas Repuke Logger in a New York minute.

    They have great asses and are really cute.

  • Michael

    In reading the comments here, I’m led to believe that when advertisers are speaking about the affluent gay demographic, they mean Log Cabin Republicans.

  • Greg

    @Michael: I think you would find that they are no more affluent a group of gays than any other, but the one I knew would kiss your face for thinking he was.

  • Kev C

    Dress up like Teddy Roosevelt, recite the boyscout pledge, pitch tents and smoke cigars. It’s a whole butch drag thing.

  • L.

    @Kev C: You make the LCR sound much like that lesbian club I once went to.

  • Kurt

    LCR has nothing to do with politics. It is place for gays to meet that want to date someone of their own social class.

  • Bill Perdue

    LCR = Stonewall Democrats = HRC = GOProud = self appointed leaders and money grubby partisans who put their party loyalty ahead of their presumed loyalty to GLBT folks.

  • Timothy

    Often times Log Cabin serves as a social outlet for guys and gals who are sick of being attacked in public for being Republican. It’s the safe place where you don’t have to be subjected to idiots who think that they are entitled to berate you for half an hour about “Ohmigod how can you be a Republican. Ohmigod you are so like umm a Nazi and stuff.”

  • alex-n-arkansas

    I’m glad you posted the time / place for the meetings. I am in Dallas often (my sister and her family live there; plus, the nightlife beats the crap out of that here in NW Arkansas, meaning there is one)so I may try to get to a meeting just to observe. I am a liberal and usually vote for Democrats, yet I would not attend with an agenda, rather as a guest with a real interest in their slant on things.

    As far as the comments about the expensive cars and clothing – that is gay Dallas, guys. I grew up in West Texas so I know my way around all things cowboy – may I say – and Dallas is as far removed from a cowboy culture as it can be. The stereotype is that the guys are snooty and that if you want to have fun with real people, hit the lesbian bars. There are T-Shirts for sale alongside the typical gay “Wide Receiver” and “Plow Boy” ones at Skivvies and Outlines — “Keep Dallas Pretentious” and “Dallas – Where the Women are Strong and the Men are Pretty.” That being said, you can still have a hell of a lot of fun in Oaklawn…

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