Holy Porn

What Fun Stories Will Michael Lucas Bring Back From Israel?


Russian-born porn impresario Michael Lucas is headed to the Holy Land for his next shoot! For two weeks, he’s taking Israel to film his brand of raunch. And because Lucas is the ultimate defender of Jewishkind, he’s billing it as “a bold move to promote Israeli culture [by taking] fans on a sexual journey to explore the men of Israel.”

Says Lucas: “Speaking for Israel has created lots of enemies for me, even here in America. I always get hate messages and comments. It’s my heritage and the place where my ancestors lived for thousands of years. It’s a place we lost and finally gained back, a place where Jews can finally protect themselves from all possible forms of discrimination. It is a gorgeous place where people can truly be liberated and live as they want.”

And by liberated, he means banging each other senseless for hours on end. But Israeli guys are hot, so bring it.

It’s part of Lucas’ one-man effort to rebrand Israel from a war-torn nation to one of love, peace, and group sex.