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  • divkid

    to your question mr queerty, sir:


    …the certain knowledge of the ever encroaching proximity of death and the recognition of
    ultimate futility of all existence.

    … Just shorted his ceramic straightening iron.

  • Qjersey

    Ru is dead on about his opinion on style vs. fashion. You could also say the same about art. It’s all just what a bunch of insiders tell the rest of us is “good.”

  • divkid

    …probably just broke a nail.

    couldnt be arsed watching the video. i hope he hasnt iust revealed the answer to mystery of life, the universe, and everything- cause how i ever get to know….
    tiffany did that once. i missed that too. its never the ones you expect.
    or was it debbie gibson

  • MAC

    Go RU!

    We love U!

    Can’t wait for season three of Drag Race!!!

  • Alan

    I never realized Sheera, Princess of Power, also had a music career.

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