What Good is Your Precious Anti-Bullying Policy if the School Just Ignores it?

Caleb Laieski’s high school has an anti-bullying policy, which would be a very fine thing indeed if they only they would abide by it.The harassment got so bad — and the teachers and administration so unresponsive — that Caleb eventually had to drop out and get his GED.

Now he’s putting that book-learning to good use in Washington DC with a monthlong lobbying effort on behalf of the Student Non-Discrimination Act. He’s just 16, but he’s caught the ear of Congresscritters like Jared Polis (sponsor of the bill) Charles Gonzalez, Lisa Murkowsi, and Al Franken.

The bill’s been sitting around doing nothing for a long long time, but Caleb’s hoping that he can push it to a vote. Because it would be nice to go to school without getting, you know, death threats.