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What Happened Last Month Before Your Little Boycott? The DNC Raised $11.5 Million


October’s just-announced $11.5 million take for the Democratic National Committee brings the party’s year-to-date collection plate to a nice score of $66.3 million — all in a non-presidential election year. But how will the gay community’s boycott impact things?

It’s going to be hard to tell. With the November elections already over, the major push for fundraising has come and gone — though it’s not over yet.. Which means the GayTM shutdown, launched just a few weeks ago, may not have measurable results any time soon.

But with the Republican National Committee out-earning the DNC so far this year with a $69.2 million take, there’s more pressure on the DNC and chairman Tim Kaine (pictured) to drum up cash, if only for bragging rights. But for now, the DNC is relying on supporters’ outrage over Sarah Palin; the org just email blasted a fundraising appeal pointing specifically to Palin in a year-end effort to raise funds. The DNC has its goals set on raising another $500,000 by next week to flood the airwaves with health care ads.

Will you be donating?