Former Columnist Raises Queer Questions

What Happened To AOL’s Gay Blog?

America Online charted new queer territory earlier this year when it unveiled its LGBT blog, QueerSighted. The gamble paid off, indeed, with over 3.5 million page views a month and the potential for endless advertising revenue. Then, about six months later, that dream died – or, rather, was killed, when AOL canned editor Kenneth Hill and told the other homo-journos to start packing.

Now, one former member of the collective’s raising some not-so-rhetorical questions. Writes Richard Rothstein:

And, at the end of the day, I suppose we can’t accuse AOL of homophobia or politics. After all, Mary Cheney remains a vice president at AOL and she, as we all know, is a staunch supporter of the queer community, our rights and our voice. And just because a number of AOL’s openly homophobic and conservative right wing bloggers remain employed and blogging doesn’t mean that the termination of large numbers of senior gay employees means anything.

Rothstein also alleges that AOL attempted to silence the site’s former writers. Obviously it didn’t work.