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What Happens When a Bunch of Gay Frat Guys Get Together Over the Weekend


There is something called the “OUT & GREEK National Leadership Conference”? And it is having its second annual gathering in November in Kansas? We have not heard of this before, but the the four-day event is for gays in college fraternities and sororities to come together on Kansas State University’s campus to see how to make queer college life more fun for everyone. Our first suggestion on how to make this a huge success: Disinvite the straight “allies” from the conference, and lay down a tarp a a vat of baby oil in the middle of the quad. Oh, but these frat bros can come.

(Also, does anyone know how hard it is to find a picture representing “gay fraternity” without turning up page after page of porn? We chose this photo, but by no means are we implying any of these guys are gay. Curious? Maybe.)