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What Happens When a Homo Wears a ‘Straight Pride’ Tee In Public

It’s not an official Tea Party t-shirt, but Jay Leffew, father of Queerty‘s unofficial family, whipped up his own “Straight Pride” apparel for a little social experiment: seeing what happens when he wears it out in public. Obviously, complete strangers won’t know Jay is A Gay, and that there’s some sense of irony here — and even he doesn’t have a problem with straight folks wearing pride tees.

So the argument goes: If the gays can wear pride tees, and blacks can wear pride tees, and Jews can wear pride tees, and the Irish can wear pride tees, why not folks in the majority? Like heterosexuals?

(And who says gays can’t claim straight pride as their own? We’re gonna ring up Bryan Safi and demand a That So Straight series.)

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  • Mike L.

    I agree with what he said, if they are doing it to Put Down gay ppl it’s very distasteful and biggoted. But if say, in a pride parade a Traight Gay alliance group wears them it would be cool, the gay ones w the gay pride tee, and the sraight ones with the straight pride tees with “Straight and Gay Alliance” on the back just so our straight allies can claim that in a glbt-positive way.

  • james p. p.

    I don’t want those freaks flaunting their perverse sexual nature in my face. I would like to go throughout my day without thinking of a penis being inserted into a vagina repeatedly, and wiggled about until ejaculation. Horrible.

    (Technically speaking, the headline’s question was not answered in this article… just… saying…)

  • conrad

    everyday is straight pride day. this guy is stupid.

  • Jeremy

    Don’t we have enough straight’s PDA every single fucking day? Every TV channels, newspapers, websites, streets, etc. I am having “Straight-love-display-overdosed”

  • Wyatt

    Yeah, sort of like how empowered whites should wear “White Power!” t-shirts. How about we try that and see what happens? Same deal.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    This is about as logical as having a White History Month or a Male History Month. I’m reminded of Christians who insist they’re being persecuted in this country, even though a huge percentage of Americans are Christians. Dumb.

  • edgyguy1426

    If they were wearing it out of actual pride it’s one thing but obviously they’re just wearing it as a ‘come back’ however lame. And it might just as well read White Power – how many of those tea party members are of color?

  • adman

    I think of Jay as the confused partner, and Brayan as the thoughtful “gay” one. I know that underscores the drama I feel watching Depfox videos, but what the hey? Jay was raised in a fundy household and it shows.

    He’s a well meaning but not very educated gay man, and to him that means giving nonsense the same credence as truth. Too bad, but I disagree with his analysis. Oh well, I much prefer Bryan’s blog to the YouTube channel, since Bryan is the one who has the voice there.

  • Ricky

    i see nothing wrong with wearing a straight pride shirt, even if it is meant to be a negative retort to gay pride shirts. Why? Free speech. I want equal rights… so, best believe I’ll wear my gay pride shirt proudly while they don their straight pride shirt as well. It’s so whatever… and should be the very least of our concerns. Have a sense of humor about it… don’t make it into a big deal… (in other words, mellow out on the drama-queen antics) and the shirt’s impact will be minimal at best.

  • gayfamilyvalues

    @Ricky you got what I was trying to say perfectly. The shirt only has power over us as a community if we let it have power. Think how pissed they would be if this shirt became the newest fashion trend of the gay community? We need to take back our voice and stop trying to exsplain how upset we are over every little T’Shirt.

    @Adman you are correct Bryan is the smart one in the relationship, I tend to shoot from my hip.


  • Brown Gay Al

    Christians can be discriminated against too. So can whites, straights ( ahem in the modeling industry its more common than you would think)

    Just because someone is in the majority doesn’t mean he/she can’t be discriminated against.

    So there is nothing wrong in someone wearing straight pride or white pride.

    PS: I am not white, straight or Christian

  • Dan

    I have two ideas for Straight Pride T-Shirts.

    1) STRAIGHT PRIDE (front)


    2) STRAIGHT PRIDE (front)


  • james p. p.

    ok, i’m trying to find one of these to purchase (this logo specifically) and all i’m finding is ones on ebay. ehhhhh….

  • @[email protected]

    “Christians can be discriminated against too. So can whites, straights ( ahem in the modeling industry its more common than you would think)”

    That last part is utter crap.

  • TVS

    ‘Gay pride’ can only last while homophobia lasts. The more homophobia dies, the more Gay Pride becomes irrelevant. ‘Straight Pride’ would be meaningful only if there is a non-trivial amount of hetero-phobia.

  • Qwik-e

    Where’s the crowd footage? 6 minutes of a homo talking into a camera what an awful waste of time

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