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What Happens When a Homo Wears a ‘Straight Pride’ Tee In Public

It’s not an official Tea Party t-shirt, but Jay Leffew, father of Queerty‘s unofficial family, whipped up his own “Straight Pride” apparel for a little social experiment: seeing what happens when he wears it out in public. Obviously, complete strangers won’t know Jay is A Gay, and that there’s some sense of irony here — and even he doesn’t have a problem with straight folks wearing pride tees.

So the argument goes: If the gays can wear pride tees, and blacks can wear pride tees, and Jews can wear pride tees, and the Irish can wear pride tees, why not folks in the majority? Like heterosexuals?

(And who says gays can’t claim straight pride as their own? We’re gonna ring up Bryan Safi and demand a That So Straight series.)