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What Happens When a Lesbian Walks Into An Army Recruitment Office

Attempting to join the likes of Dan Choi and Omar Lopez, discharged Army vet A.J. (no last name apparently) attempted to re-enlist at a recruitment office in Long Beach, California, after DADT was struck down. She was treated to homophobic remarks like, “Oh shut up you’re so gay, but, wait, that’s OK now.” Don’t worry everyone, it gets better!

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  • B

    From the article QUEERTY linked to, it looks like the gay jokes weren’t directed at her. It was basically a case of grown men acting like younger teens. But it does show one thing – there really is a need for developing training programs to prevent that sort of childish behavior as part of implementing a repeal of DADT.
    These guys were joking among themselves and didn’t have a clue that there was a lesbian in the office asking to sign up and who just might find those jokes offensive.

    The reason it takes time to develop such programs is that the target audience (a fraction of the people who go through the the training) are idiots, and never underestimate the ability of an idiot to find unanticipated ways to screw things up.

  • Steve

    Not so sure if they weren’t motivated to act out based on her presence. As she said, she doesn’t look like in that picture today. She’s very butch and you can immediately tell that she is gay.

  • B

    No. 2 · Steve wrote, “Not so sure if they weren’t motivated to act out based on her presence.” Her article claimed they more or less were ignoring her and keeping their eyes glued to their laptops (I image to watch straight porn, or was it gay porn). In any case, their first anti-gay remark was about another male, which seemed to have triggered it.

  • wtf

    hey queerty whats with your obsessive dissing of the ‘it gets better’ campaign? you prefer to tell the kids ‘your life is always going to suck’? get off it, asshats.

  • Pete

    Faggots in the army worked great for Greece and Rome…i mean, this are civilization that still exist right?

  • Lefty

    Maybe you should check your spelling and grammar before posting such intellectual gems in future, dear.
    Just a thought.
    Secondly, does it never occur to guys like you that the fact you’re on a gay website says far more than your limp attempt at trolling every can?

  • Soupy

    Pete loves rainbows, unicorns, and little boys.

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