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What Happens When Some Homos Get Together in a Dallas Hotel Room


No, not this (NSFW). Rather, out comes The Dallas Principles, an exercise in activism that shows how to get things done on the grassroots level when waiting around for organizations like the Human Rights Campaign just isn’t working.

Some 24 folks from around the nation — including Pam Spaulding, Lane Hudson, John Bare, and Mandy Carter — eschewed endless room service (we’re assuming) to put down on paper what happens from here on out with our rights. The result is a mix of guidelines, forward-looking methodology, and demands from our elected officials; you can read them all here.

There’s no messing around here. This is a call for full equality. Total protection from discrimination. The acknowledgment that “success is measured by the civil rights we all achieve, not by words, access or money raised.” Which means, although it’s not written in The Dallas Principles’ preamble, the politicians running the White House, Senate, and Congress are failing on nearly all counts.

What happens in Dallas better not stay in Dallas.