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  • Yurpdod

    The gay guy in this video is gorgeous. I don’t know why he’s into that dumpy straight guy!

  • Eric Holder

    That has to be the stupiest thing I’ve ever seen. Not in the least bit funny.

  • bmitch

    I thought it would be funny and insightful coz this really happens sometimes. But this is offensive!

  • Michael in Toronto

    Not offensive, just LAME.

  • Pearl of the Dark Age

    This is stupid. I was hoping for something more realistic and insightful. Who in their right mind goes from a no-kissing relationship to a marriage proposal? He asks him to marry him based off of vibes?!? It would have been different if he had asked him out on a date based off of “vibes,”, but no…

    This was a waste of time.

  • McMike

    This was the dumbest video I have ever seen. It’s OBNOXIOUS, not funny and wrong on so many aspects.

  • Chris


  • PerplexedStudent

    @Chris: Fail.

  • Richard in DC

    Fail Whale.

  • SightandFeeling

    I thought it was really funny. Perhaps taking into account that it happens to me far too often. I mean, the whole point of a comical sketch or a satire is to exaggerate things, so of course he’s gonna propose! hahahaha

    Again, I though it was really funny. In fact, today at school a group of people came in to do a presentation and there was this gorgeous guy presenting, the only one in our actual age group, and I even went as far as memorizing his name and his name alone and I didn’t even know if he was fay or not but hey, odds are he’s not…so “c’est la vie” as they say :/

  • michiko

    So the punchline is gay men are so pathetic we mistake common courtesy for love? A real knee-slapper

  • chicagotist

    The only funny thing in this whole thing was the ending. But not because it was intrinsically funny.

  • Joe

    Waste of time.

  • Silent J

    is our lives so pathetic that we actually have the time to sit through this lame video and then comment about it?!?

  • Motard

    @Silent J: Or meta-comment about the pathetic comments, which I suppose makes you even more pathetic. Pathetic squared.

    So there’s that math for you.

  • lemon-lime

    I want that time back. I was really hoping the one dude proposing was just punking that other guy. I’m pretty sure this just reinforces the stereotype that all gays have real world interest in straight dudes.

  • demo

    Never shoot the first draft of a screenplay.

  • onehundredeight

    The second it started, I desperately hoped they made the hot guy gay. Most times, it doesn’t happen like that, though, there are way more mixed signals, and the guy is usually a lot cuter. Not that I’m speaking from experience… but other than that, I thought it was a bit stereotypical, how they made the gay guy a bit desperate, needy, and dare I say creepy, but the straight guy was somehow cool, even though he was insensitive and not hot at all. Yep. Shallowness is key!

  • sidewalk

    From the Vimeo page for Thomas Lynch:

    “Every man, must one day take this step.”
    Written and Directed by T.K. Lynch

    Josh Mattingly
    Sergio Gomez
    ASU Productions 2010

    This is a short film I had the chance to direct in my class at ASU. I had a great crew and we managed to shoot the whole thing in just one day!

  • GetBalance

    Helarious! All humans do it. Very funny.

  • Adrian Acosta

    Looks like CAMP is alive.

  • asa1973

    I LOVE the concept. This “could have” been funny if they would have had the straight guy do stuff that straight guys actually do that send weird signals: hug a little too long, say things like “that shirt looks great on you” and “how much do you workout; your biceps are killer”, look directly in the eyes a little too long, etc. I’ve had so many straight guys do this to me…and while I knew they weren’t making passes at me…I also knew those moves could be perceived differently by a different gay man.

    But..this kind of thing happens to everyboday, gay or straight. That’s what makes the premise, if not this actual video, funny.

  • Chandler In Las Vegas

    At least the gay guy was the cuter…

  • vixlad

    Okay… this does not make any sense. There were no signals to be misread. Silly and pointless video.

  • Jason

    This videos so unethically degrades homosexual people! To all heterosexual people out there who love to reprimand the so called ‘gay/fag/and what not’ without thinking once that at the end of the day that he too is a human being stop once and leave us to ourselves. We do not expect anything from you!

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