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  • j


  • bookworm

    I’m sorry I’m not getting what these are. Is there a video or something I’m missing–all I see the image.

  • Matt

    @bookworm they are videos, the play button is in the lower left hand corner of the picture, this one is particularly hilarious, I remember telling my sister that as much as I liked her fiance/now husband I was not interested in him as he is straight and not my type

  • K

    This exact situation happened to me. I hope girls know awful it makes them appear when they assume that their gay friend is horny for their boyfriend.

  • Kent M

    Bookworm, you may have an ad-blocker running within your browser or an overly-pessimistic anti-virus program on your PC. You must enable content from (or whitelist the site) which serves the video to your browser and reload the page, then you’ll see the video controls.

  • Robbie K

    I am developing a thing for Tyler ;-)

  • Ken S

    hahahaha- I love these. I’m a pretty disappointing gay best friend too.

  • Paul A


  • Ruddigore

    Why does Tyler wear the same shirt in every one of these? Maybe he would be less disappointing if he had another shirt to wear.

  • baby

    I cringed because this is exactly what happens every fuckin time. why cant women understand that no one wants to fuck their stupid ugly boyfriends. they have bad taste in men and they should feel bad!

  • JM

    @K: Haha, the exact same thing happened to me, too. Pretty fucking degrading for women to assume that. Still, I didn’t want to tell my friend that I think her new BF is an idiot…. she’s got low enough self-esteem as it is.

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