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What Houston’s Gays Hate Most About Their Local Cruising Spots

At Westside 24-Hour Video: “They’ve been trying to give the place a face lift. GOD ALMIGHTY! Who picked out those paint colors? The arcade area so bright and tropical looking you’ll need one of those little drinks with an umbrella in it! Actually, it looks more like one of those obnoxious Versace ties that used to be around in the 80’s.” And dammit, it’s as if the park employees don’t want anyone cruising in the Kleb Woods Nature Preserve! “Recently someone came through the entire park and cleared out a lot of the underbrush and the like, making privacy more difficult in the woods.”

And at Home Depot, “Pet peeve: Lots of employees taking daily dumps in there.” This is how you treat the company the American Family Association loves to hate?

[Houston Press]