What If Madonna’s Brazilian Boy Toy Romance Is a Big Sham?


To avoid the negative publicity of her divorce from Guy Ritchie. To avoid the negative publicity of her romance with now scandal-plagued Alex Rodriguez. And to drum up headlines for her Sticky & Sweet Tour. Given Madonna‘s penchant for creating buzz just by changing her clothes, we’d say faking a romance with Brazilian model Jesus Luz is in the realm of possibilities.

Madonna’s relationship with Brazilian male model Jesus is nothing but a desperate attention-seeking exercise, insiders have revealed.

Sources close to the singer claim she is using one of her typical publicity ploys to drum up interest in her tour.

The carefully orchestrated photos are also apparently designed to wind up ex Guy Ritchie – although he is not taking the bait.

A source alleged: “It’s a classic Madge publicity stunt but suits both parties well. [Mirror]

Well, if a source alleges it, it must be so! She even supposedly converted Luz to Kabbalah, which is a requirement for simply hanging out.