What If Noah’s Ark Was Actually a Rosie O’Donnell Cruise?


THE SHOT — Artist Paul Richmond created “Noah’s Gay Wedding Cruise” because “I’ve been so incredibly moved by demonstrations across the country in support of marriage equality, and I believe we’re on the cusp of great progress.” The result? “I chose to symbolize our inevitable victory with my own version of the Noah’s Ark story, complete with some drowning sinners (including Ann Coulter, Larry Craig, Sally Kern, Fred Phelps, and even Pat Boone!), and a grand ark/cruise ship filled with happy gay and lesbian animal couples and a few famous human guests too (such as Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Elton John and David Furnish, and Rosie O’Donell and Kelli Carpenter). Even the fictional cowboys from Brokeback Mountain get another shot at love in this epic re-telling of a biblical classic!”

A print run of just 200 are available for purchase.