What if Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman Was Gay?


QUEERTY ASKS, YOU ANSWER — Nadya Suleman is the woman who gave birth to octuplets after she already had six children. That’s 14 kids total for one single mom. Suleman is on the receiving end of some pretty harsh criticism, some going so far as to call what she did “child abuse,” since how can one woman adequately care for 16 wee ones? Much of the criticism is also aimed at her cash-hungry ways; Jossip learned she was paid at least $300,000 for her Today show interview, and now she’s said to have landed a book and reality show deal. So far, we have yet to hear from conservative organizations like the American Family Association, which (*cough*) are there to protect the interests of America’s social norms and are quick to point out when anyone doesn’t do it. Does their silence equal a passive endorsement of Suleman’s child rearing? And in our heads, it begs an interesting the question: What if Nadya Suleman was a lesbian, who opted to have extra embryos implanted inside her, and wound up with 14 kids when all was said and done? We can only imagine what the AFA would say, but what about the rest of America?