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What, Is Everyone Starting a Gay Magazine Now?

A new worldly journal. A Moroccan gay rag. And now, entering the once depleted but now suddenly saturated Atlanta gay media scene comes Fenuxe, a new gay glossy from William Duffee-Braun and partner Tyler Caulkins. According to Fenuxe‘s pitch, the magazine “is the rebirth of LGBT media in Atlanta.” That Fenuxe‘s offices are on the same road that Southern Voice was headquartered at shouldn’t, then, be considered an omen.

(In all seriousness, though, this is great. The more gay media readers have to choose from, the better.)

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  • MachoMan

    What the hell is a Fenuxe?

  • Tommy

    I’m starting a magazine for old gay people! The gay press is so geared towards the interests of younger people like clubbing etc. What about all of us over 40 who are still fabulous. Plus, we have money to buy products so it would be a great advertising venue.

  • clark

    @Tommy: Go for it! Maybe even include some articles about people we may have heard of, and some advertising that pictures real men with real bodies, and, oh, of course Viagra ads…..

  • OhYeah

    I am starting a magazine for black lesbian handicapped pre-op autistic midgets who have bedded Ricky Martin.
    So there.

  • clark

    @OhYeah: Oh what the hell, sign me up!


    @Tommy: With a “Town & Country Living” twist? Then sign me up though only aged 25.

  • B

    How about a magazine called Closet, with an obvious and underserved clientele? It’s a niche nobody has taken advantage of.

  • Tessie Tura

    @Tommy: That’s something we’ve needed for a while – those of who frequent neither Blake’s nor the New Order, somewhere between paying off our student loans and ordering donut cushions from ads in the back of AARP Magazine.

    One of the reasons I wear Eddie Bauer is the models in the catalogue look more like me than the ones in A&F, and I get a more realistic idea of what the clothes would look like on me.

    I recall when one of the Atlanta mags (David?) did some sort of local “Men of Atlanta” issue with beefcake pics of various area mens. NONE were over 40; actually, I think none were over 35.

  • L.

    From the first issue: “Top 7 Ways to Get a Date”.

    I see they’re going for the least-traveled path.

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