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What Is Gus Van Sant Doing (Not) Directing an Indie Rock Music Video? (UPDATED)

You may have heard of this fellow, Gus Van Sant? He is, our overlord assures us, a big time director. Like, of the Oscar variety. And yet, here he is, directing a music video. Initially, this didn’t make a whole lot of sense to us, because we are simple people who assume everyone’s goal in life, and particularly Hollywood, is to move up in the world, and not regress. But then we remembered there are people like Spike Jonze, who’s about to be either critically lauded or slammed for Where The Wild Things Are, who actually make directing music videos in an art form. And then we also remembered Mr. Van Sant is making the same teenage angst movie yet again. So you go, Gus, and get your groove on with Panther’s “Birds That Kill.”

UPDATE: Oh my stars. Van Sant did not direct the video. Pitchfork was wrong. He was just there on set, with some friends, but didn’t have any role in filming it.