What Is Sam Champion Doing RIGHT NOW?


Did you know Sam Champion is on Twitter? Yes, the ABC Newsman is chronicling life 140 characters at a time, and not in that way Anderson Cooper is doing it, by which we mean regurgitating actual news and not filling us in on his personal life. Weathergay Mr. Champion, on the other hand, is! On Saturday, we was in New York City’s Meatpacking District. We know this because he Twittered, “It’s hopping in the meatpacking district in NYC!” He was either attending or walking by a fashion event. We know this because he Twittered, “Crowd outside the Bellhaus fashion preview at Bagatelle on W13” and posted this photo:


And last Saturday, the blonde boywonder was enjoying his Saturday morning with some java. We know this because he Twittered, “ahhh perfect cup of coffee and flawless nyc saturday morning!!! gonna answer some tweets b 4 heading out.” Coffee = The breakfast of Champion.

Don’t you feel like you’re practically waking up next to the man?

April 6: “morning all! felt good to sleep late! chasing deer away from budding bushes this am! (didn’t even spill coffee)”

Oooh, Sam, but what were you wearing?

And in between tweeting about the weather — that is soooo 2008, Sam — he’s tweeting about his ouchies. Can someone please tell us: How did Sam get stitches on his forehead?! MUST SEND GET WELL SOON CARD!

April 13: arrrrrgh…here we go! 1st day with stitches on air!
April 12: stitches come out after the show tomorrow!!! so they will still b in forhead for tmrw’s show! looking better..not as swollen