What Is The Media NOT Telling Us About Bradley Manning?

We know for a fact that some people support Bradley Manning for his alleged WikiLeaking of classified military documents that revealed military abuses in the Middle East. But are media outlets too scared to appear supportive in fear of angering their corporate and political ties?

Queerty has long followed the Manning-WikiLeaks saga and has asked whether Manning is a gay hero or a traitor for allegedly leaking diplomatic cables to Julian Assange and his crew.

This last weekend we sent out Nathan Diebenow and Robert Bell of Standard Rebellion—an independent activist media group—to cover the June 4th Rally For Bradley at Bob Dougherty Memorial Park in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas hosted by the Bradley Manning Support Network, Courage to Resist, and Veterans for Peace. While there they spoke to Andy Thayer of the Gay Liberation Network (one of the activists arrested with Dan Choi during Moscow Pride) about how Manning’s gay identity plays into the larger media narrative of him working with WikiLeaks because of his opposition to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.